Camelot Daily News is a privately held company that began operations in ‘Hope Park Works’ West Bow, Edinburgh, Scotland in 1878. Founded by James ‘Big Jim’ O’Leary, Camelot Daily News is an international publishing house and producer of documentaries. Camelot Daily has reported on events such as the genocide of five-million people in Ireland, the CIA’s Banana Republic crime syndicate in South America, the Rothschild Family orchestrated Israeli-Palestinian conflict, protests in the motherland of Christian Celts (Turkey), the Illuminati’s puppet regime in North Korean, and the globalist created Syrian Civil War. After the creation of Camelot Daily News as a separate division, its reporting greatly increased with worldwide coverage starting immediately with videos published on BitChute and articles on its camelotdaily website.

December 2017, Camelot Daily Media expanded its international news division into an independent division dedicated to news exclusively and created Camelot Daily News. Camelot Daily invested heavily into its alternative news division, setting up 34 bureaus worldwide. Camelot Daily News has primarily targeted a younger audience comprised predominantly of logicians.


Camelot Daily News members are in 35 bureaux around the world including Ireland, Scotland, New York City, Toronto, London, Berlin, Mexico City, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Moscow, Beijing, and Kabul.

Programming and content

Camelot Daily has covered emerging events and widespread issues around the world. Every day it publishes a daily news capsule called “Camelot Beyond the Headlines” where it briefly covers four daily stories which did not receive much coverage by other mainstream news outlets but it still considers important. It also publishes daily articles on its website on a variety of world current events, along with maintaining a Camelot Daily News Wire where it displays wire reports from around the world. Camelot Daily has several prominent past and ongoing documentary series.


The Camelot Daily YouTube page had over 500,000 subscribers as well as more than 300 million views in total, before having our channel shutdown for featuring a video that showed a Muslim commander having sexual relations with his niece. Although our channel was shutdown, the video is still available on a Muslim controlled YouTube channel.


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Camelot Daily is one of a few independent news agencies willing to expose the ‘synagogue of Satan’s (S.O.S.) assault on civilization. More people than ever are receiving our message. However, S.O.S. controlled monopolies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. “96% of the World’s Media,” have eviscerated our advertising revenues, using government subsidized unconstitutional, Maoist like, schizophrenic censorship. It’s noteworthy to mention that Israeli scientists discovered 99.9% of Ashkenazi Jews have a 40% chance of developing schizophrenia, certainly not the type of people you want creating policies that effect the whole world and yet social media giant Facebook, 800lb search engine gorilla Google and the web’s most ubiquitous discussion network Disqus are all controlled by individuals who may be schizophrenic. The Camelot team, humbly ask our readers from around the world to support us by sharing our articles, supporting our advertisers, purchasing one of our liberty themed t-shirts at: TreasonTees.com and by donating to Camelot at PayPal.Me/silvanusmedia or to donate bitcoin, copy and paste the following Bitcoin Wallet Address: mqGTT5X4BrVTdhbhxX93ojcaumSSXXFHSr Thank You!

Camelot Daily’s independent, S.O.S. exposing news journalism requires a great deal of time and money. However, we care about those who are awake and opposed to the S.O.S.’s goal of exterminating all human life on earth. If everyone who reads and likes our reporting, help us, Camelot Daily will become more effective at defeating the S.O.S. For as little as $5, you can support Camelot – and it only takes a minute. Thank you.

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