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Al-Jazeera Caught Filming Fake Aftermath Of Attack In Syria

“Al-Taqiyya: Deception; the Islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.”

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By YourNewsWire, 5/8/2017

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An Al-Jazeera production team were caught filming staged videos depicting the aftermath of shelling and airstrikes in Syria last week. 

According to Russian news agency Tass, locals reported seeing camera operators shooing ficticious scenes in the supposed aftermath of an attack.

“According to some sources among local civilians and from opposition units, special ‘video teams’ were shooting ‘staged’ films in the populated localities of Serakab and Jisr-al-Shuqur over the past week about the aftermath of purported shelling and airstrikes, including with the use of ‘toxic substances’,” Russia claims.

“Moreover, local people recognized TV camera men, known for shooting news for the Al-Jazeera TV channel in the area, among ‘advisers to ‘video teams’.”

According to Sputnik, this is not the first time faked scenes have been filmed in Syria. On May 2, Al Mayadeen claimed that local eyewitnesses saw the White Helmets group near Idlib shoot staged videos depicting the aftermath of a false flag chemical attack.

The Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) issued a report earlier in the year stating that they had found evidence that the recent chemical attack on Syrian civilians was a false flag, and that the “lifesaving” procedures shown in the videos published by the White Helmets were incorrect, fake and “ultimately performed on dead children.” reports: A reminder, that a Syrian military intelligence source earlier this week, said that militants rounded up civilians and filmed one or more fake chemical attacks. Furthermore it has been revealed, that Al Jazeera channel was present there.

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