Anne Frank’s step-sister and Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss claims photos of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz are FAKE because soldiers hadn’t brought cameras and were taken at other camps

“Patton was best known for his command of the 7th United States Army. Contrary to television celebrity Bill O’Reilly’s book titled ‘Killing Patton,’ General Patton was not killed by the Russians, nor was he killed mysteriously in a ‘car accident’. If you’ve been one of the unfortunate people to have purchased this propaganda piece which props up and propagates Bernays’ and Anna Freud’s Jewish human exploitation psychology, you have unwittingly been indoctrinated into believing a number of historical misnomers, not the least of which is the word ‘Holocaust’ which didn’t become a mind meme until 1978, 33 years after Patton’s sacrifice. The word ‘Holocaust’ is a so called Jewish word meaning “Holy offering in fire”. It’s no coincidence that The Jewish Rothschild Family believe that their direct ancestor was the Babylonian god Nimrod who taught man to worship fire. You never read anything in O’Reilly’s book about the 66 million Christians that were slaughtered during the war(s), but are subjected to a large opinion piece, 20 pages in two chapters to be exact, on Auschwitz which is curious because there is zero historical evidence that Patton had anything to do with Auschwitz.” – Freud’s Mafia: Sigmund Freud’s Crimes Against Christianity – pp.84-85

Dailymail, 1/27/2020

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A Holocaust survivor has claimed that photos showing the liberation of Auschwitz aren’t real, because none were taken at the Nazi-occupied concentration camp.

Anne Frank’s step-sister Eva Schloss, 90, who was sent to the notorious camp in Nazi-occupied Poland at the age of 15, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss the 75th anniversary of its liberation.

Eva was 23-years-old when her mother Fritzi married Otto Frank, making her the posthumous stepsister to Anne Frank, who had died eight years earlier in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

She spent eight months at Auschwitz before the camp was liberated, and avoided being taken on a death march by the Nazis who fled with prisoners to try to cover up their crimes, because she and her mother overslept and were left behind.

However, the survivor has alleged that pictures of Soviet Red Army liberating the camp are fake, because Russian soldiers hadn’t brought cameras, and says there was a heavy snowfall at Auschwitz at the time, which isn’t shown in pictures.

She claimed that the photos, which apparently show the liberation, were in fact taken at other camps, but she didn’t give an explain her theory further in the interview.

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