False Flags
MILWAUKEE: Sikh Temple False Flag: Lrg Freemason Community, Shooter Army PSYOPS, 7-Killed, 9/11 Tattoos, Parents Lived Near Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting
“The ‘synagogue of Satan’ (Revelation 3:9) teach that the founder of Freemasonry was, “Hiram Abiff” and that Abiff’s ancestors were Cain, father of TubalCain, Lamech…
Black Teacher Casts White 7-Year-Old As Racist In All Black School Play, Told To Yell, “Go home, you don’t belong here!” To Black Students
“Marxist Jew Leon Trotsky Invented The Word ‘Racist’ In 1930s To Inspire White Genocide” (read more) By Anneta Konstantinides, Dailymail, 3/15/2018 A seven-year-old girl’s parents…