Barack Obama’s Broward Country Florida’s Sex Trafficking, Fraudulent Drug Treatment Center Empire

“Believe it or not, entertainment is part of our American diplomacy. You helped shape the world culture. Tolerance, diversity and creativity” – President Barack Hussein Obama 2013 DreamWorks Animation Campus, Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange, p. 236

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By Sun Sentinel, 12/22/2016

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The man accused of abusing drug addicts who sought help in Broward and Palm Beach counties has amassed a fortune while ripping off health insurance and forcing vulnerable women to prostitute themselves, prosecutors told a judge Thursday.

Investigators said in court they have evidence that Kenneth Chatman, 44, of Boynton Beach, was receiving bags of cash, containing as much as $150,000 in kickbacks from related health care businesses, on a monthly basis.

Chatman’s unexplained wealth, his overseas travel to places where he could hide money, witnesses’ fear of retaliation from him, his alleged propensity for violence and his ability to get people to withdraw their allegations were among the evidence federal prosecutors asked a judge to consider Thursday at a bond hearing for him.

Chatman will remain jailed without bond while health care fraud charges are pending, U.S. Magistrate Judge William Matthewman ruled after an hourslong court hearing in federal court in West Palm Beach.

“The conduct that is alleged is really reprehensible, if it is true,” the judge said, ruling that Chatman is a potential danger and poses a significant risk of fleeing if he were released.

Chatman told authorities he has $250,000 in cash in a bank account; has $500,000 in equity in the $1 million home where he lives with his wife and four children; and owns another $400,000 home outright that he used for patients, according to court testimony.

Some female patients told investigators they were offered a terrible choice: pay rent or work as a prostitute.

One woman, identified only by her initials in court, told federal agents last month that she attended treatment sessions in Margate and that Chatman moved her to a female-only house in Mangonia Park. She and other women there were not allowed to leave the building because the doors were locked from the outside and the windows had been nailed or screwed down, prosecutor A. Marie Villafana told the judge.

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