Bill Clinton Linked To Assassination of Congressman, JFK Warren Commission Member Hale Boggs

“Earlier we examined how scientific based thought provoking examinations and their conclusions are often labeled “racist,” “xenophobic” or “anti-Semitic,” by those whose supremacy relies entirely on concealment and deception. There is, however, another means in which dissent is marginalized and that is through the label of “Conspiracy Theorist”. In April 1967, the C.I.A., under the tutorage of Jewish psychoanalyst Edward Bernays, wrote a dispatch titled “psych” [pg. 10] which is short for “psychological operations”. This C.I.A. disinformation campaign created the term “Conspiracy Theorist” to discredit anyone who challenged Edward Bernays created propaganda. We’ll investigate some of Bernays most prolific national and international campaigns in subsequent pages. First let’s examine some of the tactics Edward Bernays SEP 1976, C.I.A. dispatch document number 1035-960, “Countering Criticism of the [JFK] Warren Report” recommended. This is the same JFK assassination report this author’s relative, Hale Boggs, Congressional House Majority leader [1971], was murdered over. Hale Boggs said about the JKF assassination report, “I had strong doubts about it.” Shortly after dissenting to the Allen Dulles managed Warren Commission’s majority which supported the ridiculous “single bullet theory” that took President Kennedy’s life, C.I.A. associates of George H.W. Bush and Allen Dulles disappeared Hale Boggs’ twin engine Cessna 310 during a flight from Anchorage to Juneau. In the 1979 novel titled: ‘The Matarese Circle’, author Robert Ludlum portrayed Boggs as having been murdered to stop his investigation of the Kennedy assassination. After you’ve had an opportunity to examine the following Edward Bernays, C.I.A. developed methods of discrediting “Conspiracy Theorists,” we’ll examine the historical significance of Edward Bernays.” – Freud’s Mafia: Sigmund Freud’s Crimes Against Christianity, pp. 10-11,

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Congressman Hale Boggs was scheduled to deliver a speech on the day a bomb was detonated on his plane by CIA linked assets 10/16/1972. Future CIA Director and Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton ‘allegedly’ assassinated Hale, because he had planned to bring to light data the Warren Commission had withheld from the American people. These claims have been criticized by Hale Boggs’ daughter Cokie Roberts, however one must consider the leverage the deep state has had over this family, ever since the assassination of Hale. For example, President Bill Clinton appointed Congressman Boggs’ wife Lindy to the position of US ambassador to the Vatican after serving eighteen years in Congress and prior to being killed with a ‘heart attack gun‘ Hale Boggs’ son was beholden to the deep state apparatus. The following is an excerpt from my book, Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange, pp. 83-85:

Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr. would go on to create Squire Patton Boggs, one of the 25 largest law firms in the world. Boggs, Jr. was an ardent proponent of the Rothschild/Rockefeller global crime syndicate, spearheading The American Bankers Association repeal of the Glass-Steagall law that separated commercial and investment banking for seven decades. Boggs, Jr. was also behind the $1.5 billion federal bailout of Chrysler in 1979. Prior to Squire Patton Boggs, Hale Boggs, Jr. served in the executive office of President Lyndon B. Johnson, the very President who helped to orchestrate his father’s sacrifice.

On 9/15/2014 Boggs, Jr. ‘died of an apparent heart attack’, however the firm he helped to build continues to be the largest lobbying practices in Washington D.C. and the lobbying arm, long managed by Boggs, Jr. is currently managed by former U.S. Senators John Breaux and Trent Lott. Other notable people and alumni associated with Squire Patton Boggs include: U.S. Postmaster General J. Edward Day; Republican Strategist Benjamin Ginsberg; Assistant Secretary of the Army Ronald J. James; U.S. trade representative Clete Donald Johnson, Jr; Undersecretary of the Navy W. John Kenney; Governor of Alaska Sean Parnell; Defense Department Inspector General Joseph E. Schmitz; David Schnittger Deputy Chief of Staff to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner. It’s also noteworthy to mention that the current logo for Squire Patton Boggs [below] appears to be a modified representation of the ancient symbol for Mammom, “the son of Satan” [Dann of the Serpent Cult]. Mammon is said to be one of the seven Princes of Hell and used the cross-hair symbol as his calling card. Mammon is associated with the deadly sin of greed. This symbol appears in Egyptian tomb paintings and carvings dating back to c. 1500 B.C.”

As Congress wound up its business yesterday, a gloom pervaded the traditional end-of-school atmosphere as searching parties reported no progress in their search for a plane which disappeared in an Alaskan rain storm Monday. Aboard the plane were: (i) HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER, HALE BOGGS (D-LA) (ii) REPRESENTATIVE NICK BEGICH (D-AK) (iii) RUSSELL BROWN, (Administrative Aide to Representative Begich). According to the book, “Four Gone: The Disappearance of Congremen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich” by Jonathan Walczak:

“Less than 17 months later, Pegge Begich, the widow of congressmen [Begich], married Jerry Max Pasley, a man with mafia ties who committed multiple murders, bombed a judge’s house, and was even mentioned in Gay Talese’s best-seller on the Bonanno crime family, “Honor Thy Father.” In the 1990s, while incarcerated for murder, Pasley told four law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, that he transported explosives to Alaska in 1972, and that another man put a bomb on the plane the night before it vanished.”

On Wednesday, search planes skimmed over the rugged Chilkat mountain range south of Juneau (Alaska) where an emergency RADIO BEEPER was heard earlier…The Cessna 310, piloted by veteran bush pilot DON JONZ, left Anchorage for Juneau Monday on a 560 mile flight, and was equipped with an EMERGENCY BEACON…which activates on a crash. The signal can also be activated manually. Search planes were combing a 60 mile wide corridor along the flight coastline path of the lost airplane.

“The two-engine Cessna 310, carrying Boggs and Rep. Nick Begich disappeared in a rainstorm Monday on a flight from Anchorage to the State Capitol of Juneau near the southern end of the glacier-dotted Alaskan panhandle. Air Force, Coast Guard, and Civil Air Patrol planes, and 400 salmon fishing boats battled rough weather and the short Alaskan day searching the choppy seas of the Gulf of Alaska, and the rugged, snow-covered mountains along its shore, for the missing ORANGE-AND- WHITE AIRCRAFT. Boggs and his colleagues disappeared about 800 miles south of the polar regions where comedian Will Rogers and pilot Wiley Post crashed in a heavy Alaskan fog on August 15, 1935. The two men died in that crash. Boggs, 58, the number-two man in the House hierarchy, as Democratic House Majority Leader was in Alaska, campaigning for Begich, a freshman Congressman representing the entire 49th state…”- “ROLL CALL” 10/19/72

The day after an airplane carrying House Majority Leader Hale Boggs (D-LA) and Rep. Nick Begich (D-Alaska) vanished in Alaska…the U.S. Coast Guard received a mysterious report that a RADIO CALL from the downed plane had been picked up and that TWO of the plane’s four passengers were STILL ALIVE. The story of the report, which has never before been revealed, is contained in FBI DOCUMENTS obtained July, 1992 by ‘Roll Call’ under a Freedom of Information Act request. The source of the report, whose identity was censored, was deemed credible, but there is evidence that the Coast Guard may NOT have followed up the report quickly, IF AT ALL.

Former Rep. LINDY BOGGS, (D-LA), the widow of the Majority Leader and his successor as House Member from New Orleans from 1973 to 1990, and TOMMY BOGGS, the son of the former Congressman said last week they do not recall ever being told of the report. A search of the NEXUS database also found no mention of the report, in press accounts of the plane’s disappearance.

According to an URGENT Oct. 18, 1972 TELEX from the Los Angeles office of the FBI to acting FBI Director Patrick (unintelligible), on October 17 – the day after Boggs, Begich, pilot Don Jonz, and Begich’s aide, Russell Brown disappeared – the U.S. Coast Guard station in Long Beach, California received a mysterious phone call from a man who ‘advised his company is engaged in electronic experimentation.

The man claimed he had been ‘notified by associates that THEY HAD PICKED UP A SIGNAL from downed aircraft in panhandle region of Alaska, and TWO PEOPLE WERE STILL ALIVE.’ The man provided U.S. Coast Guard with DETAILED DIRECTIONS on the location of the craft, ‘but vehemently refused to identify his company or type of equipment used,’ because of ‘security reasons’ and the protection of patents. The Coast Guard requested details about the type of radio signal received, the wording of the message, and the type of equipment used to receive the message, but the man refused to reveal them.

He was ‘evasive about background and declined to give name of firm where employed,’ the telex says. The man claimed he received the call from ‘friends’ who ‘are involved in working with highly sophisticated experimental, electronic surveillance equipment.’ a section of the telex that appears to give details the FBI learned about the identity of the man and his company was censored in the FOIA version delivered to ‘ROLL CALL’ – for reasons of privacy and to protect confidential sources.

Another individual, whose identity was also censored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the document, apparently vouched for the first man’s credibility, stating his opinion ‘that source aforementioned information is reliable.’ But GARY HYMEL, who was Boggs’ AA, was extremely skeptical of the report when informed Friday by ‘Roll Call.’ ‘Believe me, that wasn’t the only one,’ he said. ‘There were a lot, and it went on for a long time… and the Air Force would check out each one.’ He added, ‘I find it hard to believe that wasn’t followed through with, because everything else was, certainly.’

Hymel is now vice chairman of Hill & Knowlton, the public relations firm. “The telex indicates that rescuers INTENDED to search the area named by the man beginning at dawn on Oct. 18, two days after the plane disappeared. It is unclear from the document whether the Coast Guard followed up on the report, but at least one piece of information indicates a delay…NO

OTHER DOCUMENTS INCLUDING THE FOIA REFER TO ANY ACTION IN RESPONSE. According to an…internal FBI memo, the Coast Guard in Juneau advised the Coast Guard station in Los Angeles ‘that the validity of information should be resolved before USCG, Juneau would attempt any further effort in the location of the coordinates given because of the extreme weather conditions.’

“At 1:28 p.m. on Oct. 18, the Los Angeles office of the FBI sent a SECOND URGENT TELEX to Washington. The source of the report followed up with more detailed information on the location of the downed aircraft DERIVED FROM TARGET UNIT’ – an apparent reference to the mysterious surveillance equipment..’Draw a stright line from Anchorage to Juneau; head West from Juneau two hundred and (?) six and one-half miles across Yakutat Bay and the Malaspina Glacier, draw a line from that point to the coast, go back north along that line six point forty-three miles to the downed airplane.’ The source told the FBI that ‘tracking equipment now being used is tracking the MEN and not the plane.’

“According to the telex, the source ‘stated his information may be significant, and suggests PASSENGERS HAD DEPARTED DOWNED PLANE. At this time, inquiry made of (blank) if he would submit to personal interview for all details and he replied quote ‘No’ unquote.’ Agents gave the new information to the Coast Guard immediately. FBI headquarters received ANOTHER TELEX on Oct. 20 – four days after the crash – detailing additional contacts with the same man and another source. The two men again refused to provide any other information concerning their source other than to state that ‘as of AM today at least two persons were still alive at the crash site.’ The men also said the downed plane was WITHIN A QUARTER MILE of the directions they had given, but that ‘there was no radio signal emanating from the crash that could be used to locate it.’

“The Oct. 18 internal memo suggests that, despite the mysteriousness of the men, FBI AGENTS BELIEVED THEY WERE CREDIBLE. Working around the clock, FBI agents repeatedly attempted to persuade the men to reveal more about the source of their information. The original source was contacted by an agent and, he ‘appeared rational, extremely intelligent, but somewhat strange.’

The heavily censored memo indicates the man had a U.S. military background… “According to an Oct. 26, 1972 article in ‘Roll Call,’ the U.S. Air Force reported at the time that it had ‘completed checks of reports from HAM RADIO OPERATORS who said they heard DISTRESS CALLS from an aircraft going down in the vicinity where Bogg’s plane disappeared.’ ‘Roll Call’ at the time reported Air Force Major Henry Stocker saying, ‘We have done all we can with the spurious beacons and radio reports…We are 99 percent sure the plane didn’t carry that type of equipment.’ No trace of the 58-year-old House Majority Leader and the other three men was ever found…

“THE MEMBERS WERE EVENTUALLY DECLARED DEAD, and Hale Boggs was succeeded by his wife Lindy, while Don Young (R) was elected in a 1973 special election to succeed Begich. Then-Rep. Tip O’Neill (D-Mass) succeeded Boggs as Majority Leader, eventually ascending to the Speakership in 1978…’Roll Call’ has sent a letter to the FBI appealing the Bureau’s censorship of the name of the source of the crash report and other information contained in the FBI files. Jonathan Ringel contributed to this report.” – “ROLL CALL” 8/3/92

“…Hopes of finding the four missing men began to dim by the weekend, though they were by no means extinguished. (Alaska is full of stories of men walking out of the wilderness weeks after becoming lost, and every plane is required to carry a survival kit including food, Arctic sleeping gear, and a stove.) Still, many small planes are swallowed by the bleak terrain and never found. That possibility left the voters of Alaska and Louisiana with the haunting prospect of casting their ballots next month for two men whose fate may be cruelly and indefinitely concealed…” – “NEWSWEEK” 10/30/72

[NOTE: *An interesting sidenote: Boggs’ DRIVER on the day he took off was none other than a young BILL CLINTON. – OL]

“…in October 1972, McGovern having won the nomination to run against Nixon, one of the senator’s aides, Sarah Ehrmann, drove out early to the airport in San Antonio, Texas, to meet the candidate as he arrived for a rally at the Alamo. She was surprised to find someone already there on the tarmac, eager to greet the campaign plane, ‘a tall young fellow dressed in a white linen suit,’ as she remembered him, ‘standing at the foot of the stairway.’ That’s Bill Clinton, another aide said. He was one of the campaign’s state coordinators in Texas and would be briefing McGovern personally on the events and politics at hand… “Bill Clinton ‘loved the game,’ [Taylor] Branch remembered. He moved from faction to faction, audience to audience, with an instinctive and utter fluency, paying every obeisance, telling each just what they wished to hear. ‘He seemed fully at home in a roomful of county chairmen or a roomful of radicals,’ according to Branch. ‘Look, we’ve got to expand our base to appeal to people who don’t see the world the way we do,’ Hillary remembered his ‘always saying’ in 1972. But in sprawling oligarchic TEXAS, he made expedient campaign allies rather than converts to McGovern…”*- ROGER MORRIS [113]

[NOTE: *It was to be a short turn-around trip for Boggs – he had to return in time for the Democratic National Convention. He had a very special speech to make. A member of the Warren Commission, was he planning to expose evidence they had suppressed? According to comedian Richard Belzer, “Member GERALD FORD was an FBI informant, who (illegally) leaked information about the Warren Commission to J. EDGAR HOOVER” (Boggs’ sworn enemy) and “House majority leader T. HALE BOGGS (journalist Cokie Roberts’ father) went so far as to accuse the FBI of Gestapo-like tactics (See April 22, 1971 supra) and publicly expressed doubts about the Warren Commission’s findings.[114]

My personal theory is that it was a CIA hit – and the hitman was BILL CLINTON. Remember, the CIA are the ones who handle political assassinations and Clinton was a CIA asset from his days at Oxford. Anybody even slightly familiar with his mentality knows he would sacrifice anybody to his ambition (and has – repeatedly). In addition, plane crashes are Clinton’s trademark. There have been many of them surrounding him. And in almost every case, someone who posed a possible threat to him has died. Coincidence? Boggs had to be stopped before he gave that fatal speech at the Convention.

WHY WAS CLINTON DRIVING BOGGS THAT MORNING? He was supposed to be in TEXAS, working for the McGovern campaign. There is only one possible answer: he was there UNDER ORDERS. But from whom? Hoover? Probably. But only INDIRECTLY. Over two- and-a-half years earlier, on February 26, 1970, Hoover broke off liaison with the Central Intelligence Agency: “…I want direct liaison here with CIA terminated & any contact with CIA in the future to be by letter only. H.” – CURT GENTRY [115]

McGovern? Again, unlikely. He was on Boggs side, pushing for a senate investigation of the FBI. Warren? Possibly. Ford? More likely. He was a friend of Hoover’s, in his debt – who had played a strong role in the final fraudulent decision of the Warren Commission. He – like Hoover – stood to gain a great deal by the silencing of Boggs. And conversely, to LOSE a great deal if Boggs

LIVED TO TALK. I guess we will never know precisely who was behind Boggs’ death – but it is a fairly safe bet (especially with Clinton involved) that it WASN’T an accident. It certainly wasn’t because the pilot couldn’t deal with rough weather. After all, he was a seasoned Alaskan bush pilot – who had survived much worse than this. In addition, they had everything necessary for their survival on the plane – including food, stove, communication equipment, etc; and the authorities even knew EXACTLY where they were – and how many were still ALIVE! Why was the FBI so interested in covering up the information about those radio calls – and WHY ARE THEY STILL DOING SO TODAY?! – OL]


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