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BOYCOTT: Jewish Controlled Starbucks Expands Benefits to Cover ALL Transgender Surgeries

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“The Ancient Meaning Behind Jewish Controlled Starbucks’ Snake Goddess Logo” (read more)

| – June 26, 2018

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Coffee giant Starbucks has announced they will fully fund an employees’ gender transitions, from reassignment surgery to hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures.

On Monday, the company announced a change to its health benefits package which will now cover cosmetic surgeries for transgenders – that is men who feel like becoming women and vice versa.

“Starbucks health insurance plans include not only gender reassignment surgery (which had been covered since 2012), but now also a host of procedures for transgender partners that were previously considered cosmetic, and therefore not covered, such as breast reduction or augmentation surgery, facial feminization, hair transplants and more,” the company wrote in a news release.

Benefits Vice President Ron Crawford said it was “the right thing to do” because transgenders feel the procedures are essential.

“The approach was driven not just by the company’s desire to provide truly inclusive coverage, and by powerful conversations with transgender partners about how those benefits would allow them to truly be who they are,” Crawford said.

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