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CHINA: 27 Christians Sentenced Up to 13 years Imprisonment for Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ


By ACLJ, 7/24/2018

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On October 21, 2016, a mass crackdown on local Christian groups was launched across Yunnan Province, China. More than 200 people have been detained, and 27 of them are facing criminal prosecution under Article 300 of the Criminal Code for “organizing evil cults and sects and using superstition to obstruct law enforcement.”

These Christians were falsely accused of practicing “Three Grades of Servants,” one of the evil cults designated by the National Public Security Bureau. The accused Christians are either missionaries or local believers. The alleged criminal conduct includes sharing the Gospel, preaching, praying, and spreading evil cult related materials. After being detained and deprived of their freedom for over 400 days, the accused Christians were tried in 6 local courts and sentenced to imprisonments spanning 1.5 to 13 years.

This crackdown, known as “Action YN 3.15,” was launched on March 15, 2016, led by the local Municipal Public Security Bureaus in several counties and supervised by the Provincial Public Security Department and Ministry of Public Security in Yunnan Province. The local officials spent 6 months of time, effort, and money to build up the case but still were unable to collect sufficient evidence against these Christians. So, the police decided to arrest more than 200 Christians and conducted illegal interrogations to obtain false witness statements. The statutory limitation for investigation was repeatedly extended, which resulted in a severe delay in trials. With illegally obtained evidence and testimonies, the prosecutor initiated criminal charges against 27 Christians with “Organizing or Utilizing Evil Cults to Obstruct Law Enforcement,” a crime under Article 300 of the Criminal Code.

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