Danish mother tells how her teenage son was beaten into a coma by gang of migrants

Voice of Europe, 2/27/2020

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Increasingly immigrant gangs are targeting young Danish boys and girls and savagely beating. Not unlike what’s been seen in other Western European countries who’ve been “enriched” with alien cultures, in Denmark, brutal and unprovoked violence against young Danes is becoming part and parcel of daily life.

On Monday, a Danish mother by the name of Karina Lindboe Wind writes on Facebook about how her son Lauritz was severely beaten by a migrant gang in Copenhagen. Her story is as follows:

Lauritz was knocked down from behind, with his head hitting the front of a moving car near Gothersgade. Having been rendered nonconscious from the blow, he was unable to break his fall with his hands, and as a result, went face-first into the pavement. After, one perpetrator is said to have jumped into the air and repeatedly stomped on Lauritz’s face.

Shortly after, Lauritz was rushed by ambulance to the National Hospital’s Trauma Department. He remained unconscious for another after 7 hours until finally coming to. Now he is home, but he has a concussion, and a broken nose and broken eyebrows.

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