CIA Linked Deletes White People From History

“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” – Ecclesiastes 8:11

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Click To Buy was created by “InReference, Inc” February, 1997 and later sold to Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. typically ranked in the mid-200s among top websites. Its popularity was greatly boosted by Google, who placed a link at the top of all Google’s search results. reproduced content from external sources. The site’s sources included The CIA World Factbook, a resource produced by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). was founded 5/14/1995 by Brian Kariger and Daniel Fierro as part of Lexico Publishing, which also started and

In 2008, was acquired by, an IAC company for an estimated $100 million dollars, increasing Ask Network’s traffic by 11% to 145 million-plus unique visitors making it the ninth largest web property in the world. Jewish-American businessman Joey Levin is the CEO of IAC. Levin is also on the Board of Directors of ‘Match Group Americas’ (MGA) and Groupon. Jewish-American businesswoman Mandy Ginsberg succeeded Jewish-American businessman Greg Blatt as CEO beginning 1/1/2018. According to their website, MGA, “is the world’s dating leader”. MGA’s portfolio includes,, PlentyOfFish, Meetic, Tinder,, Twoo, Love Scout 24, Okcupid and pairs.   

In addition to resources produced by the CIA, content for is based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, with other content from the Collins English Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary and Google. The Collins English Dictionary is a printed and online dictionary of English. It is published by HarperCollins in Glasgow.

In my book, Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange, I provide readers with an extensive history of the aforementioned organizations. The following are excerpts from said book. 

“Doubleday Publishing is now owned by Penguin Random House, the largest general-interest trade book publisher in the world and is controlled by ‘Bertelsmann’, a private Jewish German Corporation. Until 2009, 80.9% of the capital shares in Bertelsmann were controlled by Reinhard Mohn (worth $2.5 billion), a member of Hitler’s Nazi Party, who served under Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps, and owner of the sixth largest media conglomerate in the world.” – Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange, (p. 140)

“Rupert Murdoch’s motivation to become a U.S. Citizen at 54 was simply so that he could meet the legal requirement necessary for owning a U.S. television station. What should be deeply disturbing for each and every Christian American is that Murdoch owns HarperCollins, the publisher of “The Satanic Bible” and “The Satanic Rituals – Companion to The Satanic Bible” by Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey. Rupert Murdoch’s HarperCollins is also the publisher of ‘The Joy of Gay Sex’ and anti-Christian Richard Dawkins. Furthermore, in 2010 Murdoch’s HarperCollins bought educational publisher Letts and Lonsdale, the leading publisher of revision guides to Home Schools and online education throughout Great Britain with an emphasis on Scotland. Most troubling of all is that Rupert Murdoch’s publishing house which offers The Satanic Bible and Satanic Rituals purchased the Christian book publishers Zondervan in 1988 and Thomas Nelson in 2011, which resulted in the elimination of approximately 700 jobs. Thomas Nelson is a Scottish Christian Book Publisher founded in 1798 and is the world’s largest Christian publisher and leading producer of Christian live events. Further, HarperCollins purchased ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ written by Irish Christian apologist and novelist C.S. Lewis. With these acquisitions, Murdoch’s HarperCollins now controls more than 50 percent of the Christian publishing market e.g., The Holy Bible, Christian Authors, Christian live events, etc.” – Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange, (p. 241)

Arab Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the second-largest voting shareholder in News Corp., [19.9%] after the Murdoch family and one of the largest shareholders in Citigroup a bank that in 2009 sold 36% of its equity to the U.S. Government and where Zambian-American-Israeli economist Stanley Fischer left to head up Israel’s central bank of Rothschild. Prince Alwaleed is also one of the largest shareholders in the Walt Disney Corp. Why is Prince Alwaleed relevant? Because the Saudi minister of education Prince Faisal Bin Abdullah Bin Muhammad al-Saud and Prince Alwaleed are King Abdullah’s nephews. The education minister has publicly acknowledged that reform of grade 1-12 textbooks is needed however it was not a government priority. The type of information found inside Saudi Government funded textbooks deemed insignificant to the Saudi Government include: “The Jews and the Christians are enemies of the believers [Muslims], and they cannot approve of Muslims.”, “The struggle of this [Muslim] nation with the Jews and Christians has endured, and it will continue as long as God wills.”, “As was cited in Ibn Abbas, and was said: The Apes are the people of the Sabbath, the Jews; and the Swine are the infidels of the communion of Jesus, the Christians.” – Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange, (pp. 257-258)

Some readers may be asking themselves, “why would Muslims and Jews be working together to genocide white Europeans, aren’t they enemies”? The short answer is, no. First, it’s important to define who were talking about. Muslims and their ‘religion’ of Islam didn’t exist for more than 600 years after Jesus Christ was crucified by Jews (Luke 23:21). However, the Bible names the progenitor of modern day Muslim’s “Ishmael”. Read the characteristics of Ishmael, then ask yourself if The Bible’s account of Ishmael sounds like the modern day religion of Islam and its Muslim adherents.

“And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” – Genesis 16:12

The synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9), “them which say they are Jews, and are not“, created the religion of Islam to act as their proxy army to attack and collapse Christian nations. In fact, there are more similarities between the teachings found throughout the Jewish Babylonian Talmud and Islam’s Quran than there are between Islam’s Quran and the Old Testament (Torah) and New Testament. Consider the following similarities between Islam and Judaism:

“The Jewish Babylonian Talmud, commands Jews to wear a ‘Tefillin’ cube of Saturn [Satan] on their head and body, while praying to Lucifer. This black cube of Satan is identical to Islam’s black ‘Kaaba’ which means “cube”. Jews invented the cult of ‘Kabbalah’ and Islam. All of these satanic cults “despiseth” Jesus Christ [Luke 10:16].” – Martin Luther: On The Jews and Their Lies: 9/11, pg. X

• Islamic Quran: “And KILL them [non-Muslims] wherever you find them.” – Sura, 2, Verse 191
• Jewish Talmud: “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a non-Jew.” – Sepher Ikkarim IIIc, 25
• Jewish Talmud: “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jew), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” – Bammidber Raba, c 21 & Jalkut 772

• Islamic Quran: “O you who believe! DO NOT take CHRISTIANS for friends.” – Sura 5, Verse 51
• Jewish Talmud: “The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah (Talmud).” – Coschen Hamischpat 425, Hagah 425, 5
• Jewish Talmud: “Do not worship false gods [Jesus Christ].” – Avodah Zarah
• Jewish Talmud: “Jesus is in hell where he is boiling in hot excrement.” – Gittin 57a
• Jewish Talmud: Christians girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth. Christian women are regarded as slaves, heathen and whores.” – Abodah Zarah 36b

Islam’s “Al-Taqiyya”: Deception; the Islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies for the benefit of Islam and Islamic expansion. Linguistically it means to dodge a threat, politically it means to simulate whatever status you need in order to infiltrate, sow seeds of discord, and win the war against the enemy. The above-mentioned Quranic verses describe who their enemies are.
Judaism’s “Kol Nidre”: Deception; on the Day of Atonement, Jews walk into their synagogues and the very first prayer they recite three times is the Kol Nidre. In that prayer, Jews enter into an agreement with their god (Remphan “Lucifer” Acts 7:43) that any oath, vow, or pledge that a Jew may make during the next twelve months — any oath, vow or pledge that a Jew may take during the next twelve months shall be null and void. The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force and effect, and so forth and so on. The Jewish Talmud teaches: “Don’t forget — whenever you take an oath, vow, and pledge — remember the Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and that exempts you from fulfilling that”.

When we examine the orchestrated unconscious brainwashing of white European nations to hate their exceptional ancestry, there is not one instance where the production company, director, financier, etc. pushing the white genocide narrative isn’t of Jewish ancestry. To gain a better understanding of this history, please watch the documentary below, “Biological Engineering Through Advertising”. Following the proclamation of a prominent rabbi in 1952 to “forbid whites to mate with whites,’ we see the opening of U.S. borders in 1965 by Jewish Senator Jacob Javitz to third-world invaders, public shaming of anyone who decried interracial relationships. To read how the synagogue has orchestrated white genocide throughout the U.S. please read my article, “Loving v. Virginia: 15-Years After Rabbi’s 1952 Declaration ‘Forbid Whites To Mate With Whites’.  

“I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.” – Rabbi Rabinovich, Speaking at the Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12th, 1952,, pg. 143

For thousands of years, The Holy Bible’s (Genesis 6:10) Generations of Noah (Table of Nations) has taught that Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the progenitor of white European and Asian peoples. We learn in Genesis 9:25 that Ham, the progenitor of Canaan was “Cursed” when, “Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.” Because of what Ham did to his father Noah, his offspring would be “a servant of servants unto his brethren,” for all eternity. Many have claimed that Ham sodomized Noah, which would be a valid reason to curse someone. However, I provide a never before posited theory in my article, “Untold History: The Origins of Black Skin and Hatred of White Skin“.

With the aforementioned knowledge in mind, consider the fact that the CIA influenced has maintained the multi-millennia old account of Shem (Hebrew/Jewish) race, Hamite (black) race, whilst deleting Japheth’s historical bloodline. When visitors type ‘Hamite” into, they’re presented with, “a descendant of Ham. A member of various people of northern and eastern Africa”. When the name “Semite” is entered into, “a Jew, any of the peoples descended from Shem” is returned. However, when “Japheth” is queried all that arrives is, “a son of Noah”. The Google, Rupert Murdoch, Disney, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal linked has omitted Japheth’s exceptional multi-millennia old white European bloodline from history.  

The Holy Bible tells us that “God created man in his own image.” – Genesis 1:27. If God created man in his own image, then what color was God? Jesus Christ is God, and Revelation 1:14 tells us:

“His [Jesus Christ’s] head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow”.

If God [Jesus Christ] is ‘white as snow’ and man was originally created in God’s image, then Noah and his three sons were originally white. Given the fact that every culture around the world existed with the same environment challenges as Africans e.g., hot weather, sunlight, etc. and they didn’t turn black, what other explanation is there? Please read my article, “Untold History: The Origins of Black Skin and Hatred of White Skin“.



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