Fmr Communist, Wahhabist Muslim CIA Dir John Brennan’s Link To UkraineGate CIA Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, Adam Schiff and Joe Biden

  • Jewish President Eisenhower Created DARPA Which Created Social Media Weapon ‘LifeLog’ Which Became Facebook, Which Is Now Creating Mark of the Beast Digital Currency, Announced It’s Going To Fight Fake News, Disinformation (read more)
  • Chabad Lubavitch Linked Jewish Woman Related To One of the Wealthiest Jewish Families in U.S. Named Cybersecurity Chief For NSA (read more)
  • Israeli Company Elbit Systems Awarded $26M Contract To “Secure” U.S. Border (read more)
  • China’s Armed Drones Built From Top Secret Data Stolen From U.S. Cyber Intrusions Orchestrated By Israeli Intelligence Services Flooding Middle East (read more)
  • Carly Fiorina Unmasked as Top Spook, Linked To Israeli Mossad and Protegée of NSA and CIA Boss Michael Hayden (read more)
  • Fmr NSA Director Michael Rogers Joins Israeli Venture Capital Group Team8, Founded By Fmr Israeli Cyber-Terrorists From Israel’s Unit 8200 (read more)
  • Israeli Mossad Had Access To Iran’s Weapon’s System Before Launching Drone Attack Against Rockefeller’s Largest Oil Refinery In Saudi Arabia (read more)
  • Jewish Controlled (Sulzberger) New York Times’ Jewish Reporter (Rosenberg) Article About Jewish Judge (Cohen) Presiding Over Israeli Mossad Orchestrated 911 Case About Islam Which Judaism Invented (read more)
  • Treasonous Dual U.S./Israeli Jewish Citizen House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler: Take Guns From Americans Who Are “A Risk” or Convicted of “Hate Crimes” e.g., Individuals Who Expose Wickedness of Jews and Israel (read more)
  • Israeli Mossad Planning To Detonate Nuke or Bio-Weapon In Florida, Blame Placed On Iran? (read more)
  • Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs Contributor Linked to U.N. and Israeli Mossad Attacks on 9/11: Pro Earth Programs “Global Warming”, “Green Movement”, etc. Meant To Cause Hatred of Planet, Ensuring Continuity of World Jewry and Noahide Laws (read more)
  • Chabad Lubavitch: Jewish Supremacist Cult of Terrorists In League With Israeli Mossad (read more)
  • Israeli Mossad Spy’s Daughter Ghislaine Maxwell Linked To Jewish Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Elon Musk & Rupert Murdoch (read more)
  • Jewish Church of Satan Founder Anton Lavey Was a Zionist Gun-Runner For Israeli Mossad (read more)
  • Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Notre-Dame Predictive Programming “In 1242 France Burns All Copies of the Talmud” (read more)
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Veterans Today, 11/9/2019

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“Thank God for the Deep State”. This is the lesson taught by former CIA director John E. McLaughlin, at the presence of John Brennan who held the same role under President Barack Obama, to students at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.

The sentence confirms the existence of that hidden entity in which strong powers, Freemasonry, Zionist lobbies, international secret services and military apparatuses are gathered.

It was pronounced by the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, the American counter-intelligence, to comment on the impeachment against US President Donald Trump for UkraineGate, describing the diplomats and intelligence officers who testify in the case as “people who are doing their duty or are responding to a higher level of calling.” So much so that some of them have even changed their version in order to deceive the president …

The intervention was highlighted with emphasis by Fox News in the space of Tucker Carlson and re-launched by Russia Today which recalled how precisely Brennan’s fingerprints are on the Steele Dossier which gave rise to the RussiaGate case now at the center of a counter-investigation of the Department of Justice.

But the Moscow RT network has also highlighted that few media have highlighted the clamorous affirmation recalling instead a sentence published in an opinion article of the New York Times on the same wavelength of Laughlin’s thought: «The deep state isn’t a secret, antidemocratic cabal. It’s a collection of public servants looking to guard the Republic against President Trump’s excesses».

The current American president is certainly an international criminal. It is so as it has openly funded friends of Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war even with the supply of weapons, it is for how it carried out military operations aimed first at the failed regime-change and then at the theft of oil in Syria, it is also for how it has continued to support Ukraine in its attempt to conquer the Donbass, rich in still unused natural gas fields, in the hands of the pro-Russian separatist republics of Doneck and Lugansk.

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