Freemasons Created the Games of Baseball and Football

“basketball (basketbaal) was created by Scottish Canadian Freemason James Naismith in 1891. Like his Babylonian Masonic predecessors, Naismith understood the strength of Christianity. Naismith understood that he could not place a spell on a Christian who is full of the spirit of Lord Jesus Christ; the only way to effectively place a control spell on a Christian is if they place the spell on themselves. With that knowledge in mind, Naismith incorporated ancient anti-Christian symbolism throughout the game of basketball. For instance, the seams of a basketball form a ‘Nero Cross’ or ‘Broken Cross’, the symbol of the Antichrist. Emperor of Rome, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, despised Jesus Christ and murdered countless Christians. The broken cross on a basketball also represents a phallic symbol and to the ‘synagogue of Satan’ (Revelation 2:9), the act of putting a basketball into the hole of a basketball hoop signifies “Sex Magic”. In fact Freemason Naismith’s basketball court contains a phallic symbol penetrating a shape which represents the female genitalia (top right). The ‘synagogue of Satan’ use organized sporting events such as basketball and baseball to perform ceremonial magic. To them it represents an occult mass where many people gather to perform Ceremonial magic.” – Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange,, p. 104

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The Freemasons have always been a secret society, whose large role as builders of our current man-made world is undisputable. Anyone who has done their research into the history of this famous group of Brethren understand that some of the world’s smartest and most powerful men have been Freemasons. In fact, their unique mason marks can be found in just about every fabric, stone, media and even the games in modern society that we all love to play and watch today.

One of these Masonic created games that we know of as an English national pastime, is the game of Football. The Football Association was founded on 26 October 1863 at the Freemason’s Tavern (Arms) in London. This English game of ball then gave rise to a modern-day gladiator type sporting event played by men in tights and pads, with fierce-looking padded Spartan like helmets in an arena known as American football.

Here is a brief explanation about the origins of football from 33rd Degree Mason, Christopher L. Hodapp who is the author of “Freemasons For Dummies,” and “Solomon’s Builders: Freemasons.” He says on his blog: “Association football was born in 1863 at the Freemason’s Arms Pub near London’s Covent Garden, at 81-82 Long Acre. Six meetings were held at the pub to decide on rules and structure, and the meetings ended with a split between the new Football Association (“soccer” is said to be a truncated version of “association”) and the proponents of different rules that became rugby.

The Freemason’s Arms pub was built in 1860, and is still open today. It began life as the Freemason’s Tavern, which originally stood where the United Grand Lodge of England‘s New Connaught Rooms are today on Great Queen Street. London’s Freemasons’ Hall is literally right across the street.”

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