Hamas-linked CAIR and Jewish SPLC Team Up To Fight “Anti-Muslim Bigotry” Because Jews Invented Islam To Attack The West


“The Jewish Talmud, commands members of the ‘synagogue of Satan’ [Revelation 3:9] to wear a ‘Tefillin,‘ a black cube of Saturn [Satan] on their head and body, while praying to Lucifer. This black cube of Satan is identical to Islam’s ‘Kaaba’ which means “cube”. The synagogue of Satan invented the cult of ‘Kabbalah’ and Islam’s Kaaba. All of these Satanic cults “despiseth” Jesus Christ [Luke 10:16].” –, pg. X

“The U.S. Banned Islam June 27, 1952 – Public Law 414. Why Are Muslims In America?” (read more)

By Christine Douglass-Williams, Jihad Watch, 1/31/2018

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Islamic doctrines of jihad, hatred, and intolerance, and human rights abuses against women, Christians, Yazidis and others, including the LGBTQ community, apostates and infidels are the plague of humanity in our era. Yet again and again these repulsive abuses are discounted in favor of the Muslim victimology narrative. Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and jihadists are adept at hoisting the flag of victimhood high above those they victimize. Victimhood is a supremacist marketing strategy, and now some Jewish and Christian leaders are buying into it.

It is difficult to envisage the level of imprudence and immorality of these so-called faith leaders, aka blind guides, in partnering with Hamas-linked CAIR to combat “Islamophobia” in the face of the jihadi genocide of their fellow Christians, and the ongoing jihad against Israel.

This group has declared the “the beginning of a national movement”:

We pledge to and call upon our fellow citizens to treat our Muslim neighbors with fairness, dignity, and respect, and to uphold, through word and deed, a commitment to the American ideals of pluralism and religious freedom and against any religious ban. We will advocate for legislation, media portrayals, and political speech that promotes these basic American values and commitments for American Muslims.

The temporary travel ban from countries of concern was raised by Jasmin Samy, Civil Rights Director of CAIR-Washington. She presented the ban as “anti-Muslim,” bigoted, and the cause of “extreme hardship” for Muslim families, when in reality it was aimed at protecting Americans from the jihad terror and violence that the world has seen bring chaos to Europe and come close to wiping out Christianity in the Middle East. These jihadis have also targeted Muslims: over 11 million Muslims have been murdered by their coreligionists since 1948 for not being Muslim enough.

These Jewish and Christian leaders are an embarrassment and disappointment to their communities, with their self-righteousness, their abandonment of the real victims, and their partnering with Hamas-linked CAIR, aiding this infamous group to spread its agenda of dawah, the hijrah and Islamic supremacism.

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