How Are Record Numbers Of Muslims Running For U.S. Office? Islam Was Banned in 1952


“The U.S. Banned Islam June 27, 1952 – Public Law 414. Why Are Muslims In America?” (read more)

By Infowars, 7/16/2018

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More Muslim Americans are currently running for government office than at any other time since Sept. 11, 2001, the Associated Press reported Monday.

Islamic advocacy groups say as many as 90 Muslims are vying for positions on both the national and statewide level this election cycle.

Recent primaries, however, have lessened that number to roughly 50, according to Jetpac, a nonprofit that trains Muslim-Americans for office.

“Nine candidates for Congress are still in the running… At least 18 others are campaigning for state legislature and 10 more seek major statewide and local offices, such as governor, mayor and city council,” the AP writes, citing Jetpac statistics. “Even more are running for more modest offices like local planning board and school committee.”

The report also notes that Michigan, a state with one of the largest Muslim populations in the country, has at least seven Muslims on its Aug. 7 ballot.

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