ICE Arrests Drug Dealing ‘Immigration Rights Organizer’ Wanted By Mexico

“Mexico’s ‘Plan of San Diego’ called on all Mexicans, Blacks and Native Americans to rise up and “kill all adult Anglos (white Europeans) in the Southwestern States”. Mexico’s ‘Plan of San Diego’ would lead to the emergence of the radical Mexican supremacist group named La Raza.” (read more)

By Samantha Grasso, The Daily Dot, 3/9/2018

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Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) has detained Alejandra Pablos, a reproductive justice activist with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) and former legal resident. According to Rewire, immigrant rights activists say ICE detained Pablos in “retaliation” for protesting outside a Department of Homeland Security building in Virginia in January, making her the latest immigration activism leader to be detained by ICE.

Pablos, who is also a member of abortion storytelling leadership program We Testify, said she was taken into custody on Wednesday during a regularly scheduled check-in with ICE in Arizona. Though Pablos fell out of legal permanent resident status more than two years ago after a drug-related arrest, she had sought asylum status for the “danger she would face as a political organizer” back in Mexico.

Immigrant rights organizers say that ICE agents called her deportation officer in Arizona and sought her detainment after local agents took her into custody following the January protest. ICE has denied targeting undocumented people for their advocacy positions, and told Rewire it no longer exempts “classes or categories of [undocumented migrants] from potential enforcement.”

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