Jewish Authors of ‘Curious George’ Underlying Message: Jewish Slave Ships and Islamic African Slavery?

“It’s a trick, we always use it. When from European some is criticizing Israel then we bring up the holocaust. When in this country (United States of America) people are criticizing Israel then they are anti-Semitic” – Shulamit Aloni, Former Israeli Minister (video: 5min 25sec mark)

By Silvanus Publishing, Inc., 2/10/2019

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Hans Augusto Rey (born Hans Augusto Reyersbach) was a German Jewish illustrator and author, best known for his little African monkey “Curious George”, that he and his Jewish wife Margaret Rey created from 1939 to 1966.

When Margret Rey died in 1996, her will designated that the entire literary estate of the Reys be donated to the de Grummond Collection. Dr. Lena Y. de Grummond was a member of the Jewish Freemason based Christian Science Church. The following is an excerpt from my book, Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange, pp. 184-185, regarding the founder of Christian Science and her association with Jewish Freemasonry. 

“Mary Baker Eddy herself was married to a Freemason, the only secret society Eddy allowed her Christian Science members to join. The darling of Freemasonry, Eddy’s Christian Science material was published in the Freemason’s Monthly Magazine. Several Christian Science directors, board members and editors were Freemasons, including the President of the “Mother Church” in 1922-23 and 1923-24. The connection between Christian Science, Freemasonry and the Knights Templars may be seen in the Christian Science insignia of a cross and crown. Since antiquity the cross and crown logo has been associated with the historical degrees in freemasonry, knighthood of York, Scottish rites, etc.

Practitioner and teacher of Christian Science and 33rd degree Freemason, Samuel Greenwood, wrote a poem titled “What is our God” in it, Greenwood states, “OUR God is whatever we love the best. Be it good or evil, love or hate. Be it pleasure or power or rich estate.” Greenwood’s perception of God is identical to that of Satanist Aleister Crowley, who referred to himself as “The Great Beast 666”. Crowley’s Cult credo was, “Do What Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.””

Many children around the world are familiar with the seemingly whimsical monkey “Curious George”. However, after reviewing the first book in the series, it appears that the Jewish authors of Curious George Hans and Margret Rey were chronicling their Jewish ancestors “Slave Triangle”. For those readers who are unfamiliar with the exceedingly racist death cult of Judaism, consider the fact that one of Judaism’s most revered Jewish historians Moses Maimonides (1138-1204), whose work comprises a cornerstone of Jewish scholarship and Talmudic law and figures prominently in Islamic and Arab sciences, referred to black Africans as “irrational animals” who “do not have the rank of men”. Maimonides position on black Africans is consistent with Islam’s prophet’s view as well. Consider the following quote by Islam’s prophet Muhammad: 

“…the apostle [Muhammad] said, “Whoever wants to see Satan let him take a look at Nabtal b. al-Harith!” He was a sturdy black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks.” – The Life of Muhammad, pg. 243

For those readers who may not be familiar with Islam and its prolific involvement in creating industrial level slavery throughout Africa and Europe and Islam’s founder Muhammad, who is repeatedly referred to by it’s most revered scholars as a white man, watch the videos, Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves and The Legacy of Arab-Islamic Slave Traders In Africa. In short, Islam is responsible for the enslavement and deaths of approximately 150 million black Africans. Juxtapose this historical fact with the reality that Jews controlled all major slave ships and transportation routes. The following is a quote from Jewish author and historian Seymour Liebman’s, “New World Jewry” (1492-1825): 

“[The Jews] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise. The Ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains.”

Jewish author and historian Jacob Marcus’ “United States Jewry” (1776-1985) p. 586 reads:

“In 1820, over 75 percent of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves. Almost 40 percent of all Jewish households in the United States owned one slave or more”.

Visit any University or College throughout America and try to find a so-called professor who will teach the above history. What’s more elusive is the juxtaposition of Arab Muslim and Jewish genocidal maniacs mutilated and murdered 150 million black Africans with that of Christians of White European ancestry in America who freed the offspring of America’s 700,000 black African slaves. The reality is, a majority of Jews in America owned slaves, whereas Less than 2% of the non-Jewish whites in the whole of America owned slaves, however 100% of the guilt is ascribed to non-Jewish whites, through Jewish controlled media. More troubling is the fact that Jewish authors such as Hans and Margret Rey capitalize on the ignorance of the American people, openly bragging about their Jewish supremacy ideology and pride in African slave trade.

With the aforementioned information in mind consider the story plot of Jewish authors Hans and Margret Rey’s Curious George. One of the stories main characters is commonly referred to as “The Man In The Yellow Hat”. Why is this significant? Consider the fact that in most countries of the Arabian peninsula the yellow turban or “Ghabanah” dates back to Islam’s prophet Muhammad and is often worn by the inhabitants of Islam’s Mecca and to this day is the heritage uniform for ‘traders’ and the prestigious and middle class.

The Rey’s story begins with the African monkey George being captured in a yellow hat (yellow turban) by a white man (Muhammad). The little African is then placed on a ship and transported across the Middle Passage portion of the Atlantic slave trade. The Rey’s book continues to mock those who have little to no understanding of the Jewish controlled slave ship industry, as they proceed to feature the African monkey falling off the ship into the ocean, openly mocking the fact that African slaves were regularly thrown off Jewish owned and captained slave ships to conserve supplies. It too has been recorded that would-be African slaves would commit suicide by throwing themselves into the ocean.

Upon arriving in the United States, the African monkey George is featured stealing, being arrested for deceiving authorities and placed in prison. George is later displayed smoking and living in a zoo. George’s reality doesn’t sound too hospitable for what was a once wild and free monkey. Nor does the ‘moral’ of the Curious George story seem be consistent with what America and European peoples considered to be an upright worldview.

When we examine the contributions of Jews within western civilization, we discover that Jews have been overwhelmingly responsible for injecting ideas and principles into western civilization that have led to moral decline, internal divisions, economic collapse and death, to conclude otherwise would be intellectually dishonest. Take for instance the story of the Jewish Sackler family who through court documents admitted to orchestrating the murder of 72,000 Americans each year through the use of their opioid empire, which carries with it an economic burden of $80 billion yearly. What’s more, court documents have shown that the Jewish Sackler family targeted U.S. Military veterans, specially people of White European ancestry. Case studies regarding the Jews morbid motivation to steal from ‘Goyim’ (non-Jews) has been recorded throughout history. Take for instance Jewish money manager Bernie Madoff who stole $50 billion from his investors. Jewish Hedge fund swindler Samuel Israel III stole $450 million from investors. Jewish swindler Eric Stein was the mastermind behind Nevada’s all time biggest investment scams, netting over $1 million a month from victims. Jewish financial criminal Martin Frankel stole over $200 million from victims using Kabbalah based astrology to make his financial trading decisions. Jewish swindler Barry Jay Minkow stole $612 million from victims, including Christian churches and home builder Lennar. Jewish financial advisor Marcus Schrenker swindled more than $20 million from his victims. Jewish lawyer Fred Shapiro defrauded ten banks for over $8.6 million dollars.  Jewish swindler Louis Jay Pearlman stole over $300 million from victims, running one of the largest and longest-running Ponzi schemes in history. Jewish swindler Michael Robert Milken stole $600 million from victims. Jewish stock trader Ivan Boesky stole $100 million from victims. The character of Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street (1987) is based on Boesky, especially regarding a famous speech Boesky delivered on the positive aspects of greed at the University of California, Berkeley School of Business commencement ceremony during May 1986, where he said in part “I think greed is healthy. You can be greedy and still feel good about yourself”.

  • “Jews may steal from non-Jews” – Jewish Talmud, Baba Mezia 24a
  • “The possessions of the goyim are like an ownerless desert, and everybody (every Jew) who seizes it, has acquired it” – Jewish Talmud, IV/3/54b
  • “When a Jew murders a gentile (non-Jews), there will be no death penalty. Wat a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep. A Jew need not pay a gentile the wages owned him for work.” – Jewish Talmud, Sanhedrin 57a.
  • “Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile.” – Jewish Talmud, Kamma 113a

In terms of the Jew’s contribution towards global crisis, the most infamous Jew in world history is the father of Communism Carl Marx, whose cult of Marxism led to the deaths of more than 135 million human beings between 1917-1991. Jewish U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt who withheld intelligence regarding the attacks on Perl Harbor, runs a close second to Marx, considering the fact that his Jewish family created their wealth off the suffering and death of Chinese people, through the sale and distribution of opium. In my article, “Why Jewish Freemason President FDR Kept Impending Attack on Pearl Harbor Secret” I examine how FDR is responsible for deceiving the U.S. into WWII, causing the death of 419,400 Americans. 

To gain an understanding of how Jews have intentionally sabotaged western civilization, read my article, “135 Instances of Treason and Subversion Committed by Jews Against The United States of America as well as crimes against humanity” and review the following videos using critical thought, rather than emotion. What you’ll discover is that Jews hate all non-Jews, and an honest appraisal of Jewry throughout the world demonstrates that Jews have been at the center of all major wars, financial collapses and genocides.


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