Jewish Controlled German Government Financing Jewish Communist Led Terrorist Group Antifa

“Anetta Kahane (born 1954 in East Berlin) is a German journalist, author and activist against antisemitism, racism and right-wing extremism. In 1998 she founded the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which she leads since 2003. Kahanes parents Max Kahane and Doris Kahane (born Machol) were secular Jews and fled from Nazi Germany in 1933. Max Kahane fought in the Spanish Civil War against General Francisco Franco and later in the French Resistance against the Nazis. In a prison camp of the Vichy Regime he met Doris Machol, who was also active in the Resistance. They married in 1945, moved to East Berlin, became loyal citizens of the German Democratic Republic and members of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany” (read more)


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MZW, 7/5/2019

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In the night of Thursday, three men have committed an arson attack on the private car of the AfD politician Tilo P., from the board of the AfD district association Neukölln. A civilian patrol of the police could capture one of the suspected men. The 39-year-old is a former employee of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Berlin-Neukölln – The car of an AfD politician is on fire. Under urgent suspicion of having perpetrated the attack, is a former employee of the politically left-leaning Amadeu Antonio Foundation. In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, three people in Berlin-Neukölln have committed an arson attack on the vehicle of an AfD politician. A civilian patrol of the police could capture one of the suspected men. The alleged arsonist is a 39-year-old who, according to information from the Tagesspiegels as a right-wing extremism expert and author for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation (AAS) was active.

The AAS distanced itself already on Thursday via> Twitter <maximum of the former coworker and wrote:

“We strongly condemn the arson attack on the car of an AfD politician, as we have all other forms of pol. Condemn violence. It is not a means of confrontation, no matter which direction it comes from. The suspect was never employed by the Foundation! “

However, according to information from the “Tagesspiegel”, the suspect was not only active for the AAS led by the former Stasi agent Anetta Kahane. Also, the alleged arsonist for the Ministry of the Interior assigned Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpp) contributions have written.

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