Jewish Controlled Starbucks Manufactures Black Lives Matter Shirt in Haitian Sweat Shops Known For Abusing Black People

“If they had the power to do to us what we are able to do to them, not one of us would live for an hour. But since they lack the power to do this publicly, they remain our daily murderers and bloodthirsty foes in their hearts.” – Martin Luther (1483-1546): On The Jews and Their Lies: 9/11, p. 141 – August 7, 2020

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Coffee giant Starbucks has designed a Black Lives Matter shirt for employees – the only problem is they’re produced in Haiti by black workers who routinely suffer workers’ rights abuses.

The new design includes an image of protest signs with slogans such as, “No Justice, No Peace,” “Unity!” and, “It’s not a moment, it’s a movement,” a quote from the musical “Hamilton.”

The front of the shirt features the BLM communist fist symbol, complete with fingernail polish, presumably a nod to the Black Trans Lives Matter movement.

A source inside a Starbucks in Austin, Texas, who confirmed the nationwide rollout of BLM shirts, noticed a tag on the inside of the shirt reads, “Made in Haiti,” a country known to house one of the largest sweatshop populations in the world.

Considering Haiti’s record of abuses, it would be interesting to see if the company is making sure black factory workers are being paid a living wage – but just like the NBA virtue signals for BLM, then supports three million Uyghurs in slave camps in China, don’t hold your breath.

The company’s major virtue signal efforts reached a peak in 2018, when the company forced employees to watch “video after video” of white cops attacking black people, an attempt to atone for two black men being arrested at one of their locations.

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