U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D., Attacks Patriot Site, Attempts To Have Company Erased From History For Exposing Crimes Against Humanity

“proclaiming her loyalty and support to Hillary Clinton for decades, even calling her “my favorite public servant.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“All the satanists do, all the time, is reverse good to evil. We say “vanahafoch hu,” [force of creative destruction] in the times preceding the Messiah, this will visibly intensify (Q: “attacks will intensify”) – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“proclaiming her loyalty and support to Hillary Clinton for decades, even calling her “my favorite public servant.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“This is all very silly and sad. It also obscures all the anti-Christian bias that not only goes unremarked upon, but is even celebrated.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“With 9/11, Muslims were simultaneously turned into the bogeymen of the planet and subjected to the worst abuses on the planet.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“The United States owes Muslims reparations and a public apology for what the CIA did to them.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“Israel Diary for Wednesday, 2/12/2020. A visit to the holy city of Zefat (Safed or Tzfat). The pilgrimage to the graves of the holy rabbis and mystics was really important to me.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“Israel Is a True Friend…the entire Trump Russia collusion narrative is a trap set by the Israelis, which is so brilliant if true.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)

“CIA types always want to hide information from each other to be more in the know. That’s just a given. In my cultural upbringing I have seen the same type of thing – where Jewish people always want to show they’re “more in the know” than the next guy. And they will go off on their own to “do the right thing” – somewhat antiauthoritarian.” – Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. (read more)


Camelot Daily, Inc., 4/20/2020

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On April 14, 2020 Camelot Daily, Inc., received a message from its domain registrar regarding a complaint it had received from a Jewish Federal Communicator named Dannielle Blumenthal. Ms. Blumenthal’s complaint targeted an article Camelot Daily, Inc., had re-posted two-years ago,  with the permission of Christian Book Publisher, Silvanus Publishing, Inc., the originator of said article. The article titled, “Israeli MOSSAD 9/11 Article Attracts Jewish CIA Linked DHS Agent and Jewish Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Dannielle Blumenthal”, describes an event in which Ms. Blumenthal referred to the CEO of Silvanus Publishing, Inc., CEO as a “Moron”, for his attempt to share the message of Jesus Christ with Ms. Blumenthal. What transpired from that communication is suspect and the CEO of Silvanus Publishing, Inc., thought it concerning enough that his experience with Ms. Blumenthal should be shared with his followers. Since that article was posted, both Silvanus Publishing and Camelot Daily’s original domain registrars received complaints from an individual, causing both Silvanus Publishing, Inc., and Camelot Daily, Inc., to lose its domain registrar services. Thankfully both organizations discovered a registrar that respects the U.S. constitution and Bill of Rights. Simultaneously to having its domain registrar service revoked, Silvanus Publishing, Inc., received a message from Amazon stating that it would no longer be able to offer several books created by Silvanus Publishing, Inc., due to a complaint they had received from an anonymous person. Coincidentally, these books are linked to the 2016 Silvanus Publishing, Inc., article containing an experience the company’s founder had with Federal Gov’t employee Dannielle Blumenthal.

For posterity, Camelot Daily, Inc., is sharing the message it received from its current domain registrar so that others can read for themselves the tactics being used by individuals linked to the U.S. Gov’t, to exterminate free speech and more importantly the truth regarding the growing attacks by Gov’t on Christian business owners and those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Ms. Blumenthal’s message and Camelot Daily Inc., response is as follows:



Your terms of use state:

“You may not use the Site or the Services provided through or in connection with the Site to: (a) defame, abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.”
[Domain Registrar]

The site, which you host, contains harassing/defamatory content about me and violates my right of publicity by using my photo to imply that I am a Mossad agent.

The site overall is dedicated to antisemitic content, eg content that defames the Jewish people.

Please take action to ensure that the site is removed for violation of the Terms of Service.

Thank you,
Dannielle Blumenthal”

Camelot Daily, Inc., response to its domain registrar 4/16/2020

Greetings [Domain Registrar],

Thank you for your correspondence regarding U.S. Government employee Dannielle Blumenthal’s attempt to restrain content of expression through freedom of speech.

In 2016, Silvanus Publishing, Inc. wrote an article [“Israeli MOSSAD 9/11 Article Attracts Jewish CIA Linked DHS Agent and Jewish Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Dannielle Blumenthal”] regarding an exchange between Ms. Blumenthal and Silvanus Publishing, Inc. During this exchange Gov’t employee Blumenthal provided express written permission to share her comments regarding that exchange with the readers; per her quote, as reflected in the article, she wrote: “You are free to share my comments with your readers.

Silvanus Publishing, Inc., is a boutique Christian book publisher, who both publishes its own works, as well as historic prose, that have fallen out of print. During a correspondence between Ms. Blumenthal – who has stated she is “Jewish” – and Silvanus Publishing, Inc., Ms. Blumenthal referred to Silvanus Publishing, Inc., sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as “Moronic.” In this context, Ms. Blumenthal’s slur against a Christian organization is by definition hate speech according to Group Libel, Hate Speech laws established in the 1952 United States Supreme Court case, “Beauharnais v. Illinois”. However, both Ms. Blumenthal and Silvanus Publishing, Inc., uninhibited, robust and wide-open debate on these issues are protected under the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision, “New York Times Co. v Sullivan,” in which Justice Scalia explained, “The First Amendment does not permit special prohibitions on those speakers who express views on disfavored subjects.”

What’s more, the defamatory term “Moron” has been used in psychology and psychiatry to denote an intellectual disability. Ms. Blumenthal’s libelous hate speech is consistent with Jewish Rabbis who have publicly referred to “99.999%” of the world’s non-Jewish population as “Garbage,” that should be exterminated. The following link contains a video featuring several Jewish Rabbis, uttering these very words:

It was Ms. Blumenthal’s mockery of Jesus Christ and defamation of Silvanus Publishing, Inc. that sparked the creation of the article she is now attempting to erase from history, by referring to its existence as defamatory.

Ms. Blumenthal has erroneously referred to Silvanus Publishing, Inc., article as “Anti-semitic.” First, the term “Semitic” is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as “relating to or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that included Hebrew, Aramaic [spoken by Jesus Christ], Arabic and Amharic.” In no way does the 2016 Silvanus Publishing Inc. article denounce the Semitic languages, which includes the language spoken by Jesus Christ. Second, Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni has publicly stated that the term “Anti-semitic” is used by Jews as a “Trick” to discredit critics. The following video at the 10min 2sec mark features Ms. Aloni, uttering these very words.

Lastly, it is the intention of Camelot Daily to expose an element within the Jewish community known as Communists, otherwise known as Bolsheviks. These are the same Bolsheviks who slaughtered 11 million Christian Russians during the 1900s, which is clearly recorded in history. It should be noted that there are many anti-Talmud, Torah observant Jewish Rabbis in America who denounce this very same order. Just one example is Rabbi Dovid Weiss, who has stated Communism and Zionism has created, “rivers of blood.” Here is a link to Mr. Weiss’ interview, where he makes the aforementioned statement:

Following the above exchange with Gov’t employee Blumenthal, writers and researchers associated with Silvanus Publishing, Inc., developed an article explaining their concerning experience between Silvanus Publishing, Inc., and Gov’t employee Blumenthal. Shortly after said exchange both Silvanus Publishing, Inc., and associates of Silvanus Publishing, Inc. had their social media footprint aggressively sleuthed by an individual linked to DHS and allegedly Israeli Mossad, this encounter is explained in detail, throughout the article Ms. Blumenthal has referenced.

As an aside, Israeli Mossad’s motto is, “By Way of Deception.” An interesting book to read about the Mossad is “By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmasking of a Mossad Officer”

Ms. Blumenthal’s framing of Silvanus Publishing, Inc.’s article and perception of defamatory, abusive, harassment, threatening or violating the legal rights e.g., “rights of privacy” has no standing and will be dismissed by any legal body which reviews its content, if Ms. Blumenthal wishes to venture down that path. In the 1982 landmark civil rights case, NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co., the United States Supreme Court ruled “An advocate must be free to stimulate his audience with spontaneous and emotional appeals for unity and action in a common cause. When such appeals do not incite lawless action, they must be regarded as protected speech.”

When Ms. Blumenthal posted her “Moron” comment about the original author of the article, Silvanus Publishing, Inc., back in 2016, she did so on her LinkedIn Account, with the title, “Chief Executive Correspondence for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration,” in clear view, and as a Gov’t employee she is not shielded from public scrutiny.

In summation, contrary to Ms. Blumenthal’s unfounded accusations, the aforementioned 2016 Silvanus Publishing, Inc. article in no way accuses, “threatens, defames, harasses or violates any legal rights.” Nor does the aforementioned article overtly or covertly accuse Ms. Blumenthal of being a Mossad agent. It is noteworthy to mention however that Ms. Blumenthal features a picture of the Mossad logo, with the title, “that’s my photo – Jerusalem Israel” on the following thread she’s associated with

Ironically, Ms. Blumenthal’s harassment of Silvanus Publishing, Inc. and now Camelot Daily, Inc., for sharing Silvanus Publishing, Inc. copyrighted material with Silvanus Publishing, Inc.’s permission, does constitute all that she has accused Silvanus Publishing, Inc. of and does seek to restrain content of expression and freedom of speech. Ms. Blumenthal’s insistence to the contrary is suspiciously schizophrenic in nature and consistent with a 2018 HAARETZ article, “Israeli Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia.” Here is a link to that article:

Based on the aforementioned information, evidence, and applicable law (statutes and case law), Camelot Daily, Inc., is asking [Domain Registrar] to dismiss Gov’t employee Blumenthal’s complaint towards Camelot Daily, Inc.

Thank you for your consideration, [Domain Registrar]. Please feel free to reach out to our organization with any questions.

Kind Regards,
Camelot Daily

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