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Pansophers, 6/18/2017

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In earlier posts I have described the Pansophic legend in its various forms, and have outlined a special blueprint that underlies the primary western mystery traditions.

When I first launched this blog not everyone had heard of the Pansophic movement outside of Germany so I appreciate the folks who have taken to it. As a heritage that has passed hands through interesting characters, including Meyrink and Willy Schrödte, and hence is one of the few chains that we could safely term ‘Rosicrucian Tradition.’

Here in Germany the Rosicrucians have used Pansophy to describe key symbols that unite all the paths through this Hermetic blueprint, and yet until now much of it has remained hidden.

For those new to Pansophy I recommend you take a look at this post on the Pansophic Legends, where I revealed that an Adept of ‘the third degree’ from each of the esoteric traditions has in fact undergone the very same experience of symbolic regeneration.

This is because there are certain signpost symbols and events, even deities, which together comprise the Pansophic drama, and both Rosicrucians and Masons experience the same.

Bear in mind that we are not just talking about solar mysteries and ‘death and resurrection’ here. That would be too general. What makes them Pansophic is the ‘gift of the goddess.’

That earlier post compared the initiation cycles of King Arthur, with Isis and Osiris, and Christian Rosenkreuz, pointing out certain symbols and objects. It also examined our subject of today: Hiram Abiff the Masonic hero who met with the goddess Isis after all.

Today we’ll look at the Pansophic symbols present in the Hiram story, and although Masonry has its own ideas about Hiram, this post will offer an initiated Rosicrucian view.

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