Jewish Freemason President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (Rosenvelt) Wealth Obtained Through Chinese Opium

“My pictures are nearly all up & I have you in my sitting room where I can look at you most of my waking hours! I can’t kiss you so I kiss your picture good night & good morning!” – FDR’s wife Eleanor’s letter to her lesbian lover Lorena, 3/9/1933

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“I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the order of Freemasonry, if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils.” – 6th U.S. President John Quincy Adams, Amerika: The Re-Mastered Christian Majority, p. 173

By Silvanus Publishing, Inc., excerpt from FreudsMafia.com, pp. 72-73

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Back in the United States the Rothschild Family financed, Edward Bernays orchestrated “Great Depression” has been running rampant for over four years [1929-1933]. As predicted, it has produced a nationwide epidemic of “herd” aggression. On March 4, 1933 Jewish President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was appointed CEO of the United States Inc., by Jewish elites. To understand President Roosevelt’s motivations and complicity in the subsequent crimes against humanity, it’s important to have an understanding of President Roosevelt’s ancestry.

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was born to a family descended from the sister of King Henry VIII’s minister Thomas Cromwell (1485-1540). Thomas destroyed monasteries throughout England to obtain financing for both himself and King Henry XIII. Oliver Cromwell was a military dictator, loathed by many and considered heroic by Jewish Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein). Oliver Cromwell was England’s, Scotland’s and Ireland’s Benedict Arnold, accepting large sums of money from the Jewish money lender Menasseh Ben Israel out of Holland to overthrow the Christian British throne. It was Oliver Cromwell who signed the death warrant of King Charles I (1649), the son of King James VI, the sponsor of the King James Bible. Oliver was assisted in the overthrow of England by Portuguese Jew Fernandez Carvajal, who was known as “The Great Jew” because it was Carvajal’s money that created the massive army that Cromwell enjoyed. Carvajal too is the Jew who deceived Cromwell into believing the Sephardic Jews were from Judah and that the Shemites (Jews) and Japheth (white European) bloodline should unite and rule the world together.

In exchange for Carvajal’s money and army, Cromwell allowed the Jews to move back into England. The Jews had been kicked out of England by King Edward I [1290] for usury and predatory nature towards Christian children, namely their abduction and murder. The Jews ejection from England was not unique; in fact, the Jews had been kicked out of all other European countries for the above said reasons. Upon reentering England, Jewish money lender families, married into the royalty of England, creating a political and economic espionage machine known as the Bank of England [1694]. This plutocratic oligarchy comprised of Shemite (Jewish) and Japheth (White European) bloodlines kicked off the ‘World Revolutionary Movement’ e.g., Germany’s revolution, French revolution, American revolution, etc. and the formation of the Dutch East India company, Chinese opium wars (1839-1842), etc.

President Roosevelt’s ancestor “Claes Rosenvelt” was married and entered the New York cloth business. In 1682 according to “The Corvallis Gazette Times of Corballis, Oregon,” Claes changed his last name to Roosevelt after accumulating a massive amount of wealth. The Jewish Roosevelt Family founded the Bank of New York in 1790. President Roosevelt’s mother Sarah Delano is a descendant of an Italian/Spanish Jewish family connected to “The Great Jew” Fernandez Carvajal. The Jewish Delano family drafted an agreement with the West Indies Co. in 1687, regarding the colonization of the island of Curacao. The Roosevelt Family’s wealth had been obtained through textiles, banking, and dealing in narcotics [opium] through China trade. FDR’s family helped orchestrate the Chinese Opium wars in 1839.

“Drug Trafficking is the chief commercial secret of most secret societies.” – Lady Queensborough “Occult Theocracy” (1933)

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