Jews Use Pedophilia for Profit and to Own, Control, and Destroy the Powerful

By Rosemary Pennington, National Vanguard, 1/28/2018

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PEDOPHILIA IS perhaps the single biggest methodology by which the Jews corrupt Gentile politicians. Although fiduciary corruption is also a very common cause for Jewish blackmail leverage against American and European holders of public office, the Jews prefer to use pedophilia, when they can, because it is an unforgivable sin in the minds of the voting public.

Children have been enslaved for the purpose of prostitution since ancient times. And throughout recorded history, the Jews have been the tribe most willing to use the dirty business to gain the political conveniences that it offers.

Few novice seekers of public office understand what awaits them, if they succeed in a big way. Someone will approach a new Member of Congress, say, and invite him to a party. He’ll go. At the party, he’ll meet some faces newly familiar to him from the Capitol Building. These will be men already suborned by the Jews, and most of them will leave the party early. They were there, to begin with, merely to put the new Congressman at his ease. As the party thins out, the person who invited him will suggest that he remain for “the party after the party.”

That’s when the underage sex-slaves appear. If the rookie Congressman bows to pressure, or to temptation, then he’ll be caught in a snare from which there is no escape. The Jews will be making a video record of his molestation of a child, which they will use to keep that political figure under their thumb, forever.

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