McCabe Threatens to “Torch the FBI” After Forced Resignation; FBI Insider Poised to Spill All The Beans


“Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.” – The Naked Communist

By True Pundit, 1/29/2018

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FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in the days leading up to his forced resignation Monday threatened to “torch” the FBI if he was expelled from his job without full retirement benefits, according to sources with direct knowledge of private conversations McCabe shared with agents.

“He was unglued,” one FBI source said.

“Someone should keep an eye on him.”

But McCabe may also have been reacting, in part, to another growing problem beyond the corruption scandals enveloping McCabe’s leadership at the embattled FBI.

An FBI insider with Intel inside the embattled Bureau who has vigilantly worked to uncover systemic corruption inside the FBI, is rumored to be penning a tell-all book that promises to blow the roof off the inner-workings of the FBI’s controversial 7th-Floor.

This could spell trouble for more than McCabe. 

This story is Developing.

We will update as more Intel is gathered.

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