Mexican Supremacist Murders White Motorcyclist Because, “People Who Cause Him Problems In Life Are White”

National File July 14, 2020

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A former police officer was killed in a racially motived attack white by a Hispanic driver as he drove his motorcycle down a highway.

Police say Phillip Thiessen was murdered by Daniel Navarro in an anti-white hate crime attack when Navarro swerved his truck into the Thiessen’s motorcycle because he considered motorcyclists to be “white racists.”

Navarro deliberately drove his father’s truck into oncoming traffic into Thiessen’s path, killing him, before driving into a pole, according to police.

Navarro, who is held on $1 million bond on charges of 1st Degree Intentional Homicide and a slew of other hate-crime related charges, told authorities that he wanted to go to prison to be free of white people, who he claims harassed him, and to stop being a drain on his parents.

Thiessen was found dead at the scene while Navarro was unharmed by the collision. Navarro was found to be sober at the time of the accident.

According to WBay, Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt said that “[Navarro] said that all of the people who cause him these problems in his life are Caucasian or white.”

The sheriff also recalled how Navarro ranted about President Donald Trump, living in a predominantly white state, and suggesting that white people had to die.

Navarro reportedly told Waldschmidt that “Navarro said if President Donald Trump and white people are going to create the world we are living in, he has no choice and people are going to have to die.”

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