Michael Moore Linked Female CEO of Canada’s Public Broadcaster Sexualizing Children In “Drag Kids” Documentary

“Shockumentary Director Michael Moore’s self ascribed superior moral and ethical worldview is quick to assert evil Corporations, Christianity and America’s Constitution/Bill of Rights as our Nation’s central adversaries, whilst living in his 11,058 square-foot, $5.2 million dollar, Torch Lake home in Michigan. What’s fascinating is how Moore espouses an antigun ideology while he gallantly bounces about town, cloaked in the security and protection of an armed escort. Moore’s hypocrisy doesn’t end there; his documentary’s titled “Capitalism: A Love Story” and “Bowling For Columbine” attempt to convert the uninformed masses by showing them isolated horror stories pertaining to the movies topic. Like the rest of Moore’s projects, he fails to explore any root causes, namely why American children are murdering each other. They’re murdering each other because they have been indoctrinated into the kingdom of the devil. And while parents play fill-in-the-blank children’s game, our future leaders are being instructed by men who are possessed by the devil, a very real entity that many American parents have been deceived into believing does not exist. Instead of acknowledging the aforesaid cause, Moore uses demagoguery to make everyone feel guilty. At the same time, Moore is professionally and financially backing anti-family, homosexual love stories through film maker Kyle Henry. This is the same anti-family agenda which calls for the elimination of the title ‘mother’ and ‘father’, something that is now being implemented throughout the United Kingdom. Henry is the creator of such films as ‘AMERICAN COWBOY’, the story of a gay rodeo champ and ‘FOURPLAY’ a feature film anthology of four short tales covering such topics as: “In TAMPA, a poorly endowed gay man finds unexpected company in a public rest room and In SAN FRANCISCO, a professional transvestite hooker faces a challenging prospect on a business call to Marin County.” – Kyle Henry, Fourplay. With financial backing from Michael Moore and Richard Linklater, producer of films such as School of Rock, Dazed and Confused, Bad News Bears, Fast Food Nation, etc. Kyle Henry was provided the resources necessary to encourage pro-gay, anti-family, theosophist propaganda to U.S. college/university students throughout America during what’s called the “McCollege Tour’.” – Amerika: The Re-Mastered Christian Majority, pp. 196-197

“[Catherine] Tait produced Michael Moore’s Oscar-winning documentary “Bowling For Columbine” [a school shooting orchestrated in 1999 (666) by Satanic Jew Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris who were on the Psychiatric drug “Luvox”). Tais also served as the executive director of the Independent Feature Project in New York for six years, helping to launch the Gotham Awards and the No Borders co-production market. Tait is currently president of Duopoly, a digital, TV and film producer. (read more)

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| – July 5, 2019

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Canadian broadcaster CBC was accused of sexualizing children after it promoted a new documentary about “drag kids”.

The clip, which was tweeted out by the ‘CBC Kids’ account, shows numerous minors talking about their ‘drag’ alter-egos while one of them, a 12-year-old, performs what some complained were sexually suggestive dance moves.

“What’s it like to be a KID #DRAGQUEEN? @CBCKidsNews spoke with the four stars of CBC’s new #DragKids documentary to find out what #drag is, and why they do it,” stated the tweet.

The backlash was pretty swift.

“The parents of these kids, and the producers of this documentary, should be in prison for child abuse,” commented Mark Dice.

“Wondering when CBC will be debuting a new child beauty pageant series, toddlers in tiaras, maybe? It’s performance art, right? Totally age appropriate and not at all an invitation to exploit or sexualize children,” remarked another Twitter user.

“Nice @CBCkids, real nice. Are we training kids to be strippers and pole dancers now?” asked another.

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