Israeli Drug Company Donating “Six-Million” Doses of Malaria Drug To U.S. To Combat Bolshevik Created Coronavirus. Note: Israel Costs Every U.S. Household $30K Annually
Israel Costs Every U.S. Household $30,000 Annually, Enough To Buy Healthcare, New Car, Start a Business or End Hunger In America (read more) Bolshevik Deep…
TREASON: Joe Biden Financed By Jewish Billionaire Bernard L. Schwartz, Who Along With President Bill Clinton Sold U.S. Satellite Technology To Communist China To Use On Chinese Rockets Pointed At America
Bernard L. Schwartz mailing address: 600 Third Avenue, New York, NY, 10016 Bolshevik Deep State Created Coronavirus Severing 94% of U.S. Imports, Threatening Gas, Agriculture,…