Persia’s (Iran) Jewish Princess ‘Zahra’ (1883-1936) a Feminist Trailblazer, First ‘Woman’ To Take off The Hijab and Wear Western Clothing, 13-Men Committed Suicide Because ‘She’ Rejected Them

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During the 19th century, Persia’s definition of ‘beauty’ was antithetical to Western standards. The following images illustrate why the Persian Empire throughout history has been so desperate to invade Western nations.

Persia (Iran) has always considered masculine looking ‘females’ and feminine looking males an ideal representation of their culture. Persian women were consider attractive only if they possessed thick dark uni-brows and mustaches; in fact, Persian women would enhance their already strong males features with makeup such as mascara. In contrast to Western civilization, that has always promoted the ideal male as being strong and imposing, Persian males were expected to be frail looking. The vast majority of age-old Persian (Iranian) photographs containing men and women are hard to determine which is which; in fact, the only way to identify an Iranian female is by her hijab.

Thanks to treasonous, sell-out globalist John D Rockefeller, etc. the wealth of Kings throughout the Middle East grew exponentially and so did their understanding of beauty. While the following images are nothing less than cringe worthy, they do not represent the beautiful women that do reside in Iran.

Nonetheless, during the 19th century, the sex symbol Princess Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh (1883-1936), was so revered throughout Persia, that 13 men committed suicide, because Qajar had rejected their advances. The daughter of the King of Persia, Naser al-Din Shah had four children, two daughters and two sons with Amir Hussein Khan; though, he later realized what she looked like and divorced her. Her apparently blind lovers were a Persian poet, Aref Qazvini, who wrote a poem about her named “Ey Taj”.

Just like America’s Jewish feminist death cult founder Bettye Goldstein – who is equally horrifying looking – Persia’s ambiguously male transgender looking Jewish princess Zahra was unsurprisingly a pioneer of feminism throughout Persia. Zahra founded the ‘Anjıman Horriyyat Nsevan’ (the Society of Women’s Freedom); in fact Zahra was the first woman to remove her hijab in court and replace it with western clothes. One can only imagine the arousing of terror this must have evoked.

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    Persia's (Iran) Jewish Princess 'Zahra' (1883-1936) a Feminist Trailblazer, First 'Woman' To Take off The Hijab and Wear Western Clothing, 13-Men Committed Suicide Because 'She' Rejected Them – Camelot Daily

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    Persia's (Iran) Jewish Princess 'Zahra' (1883-1936) a Feminist Trailblazer, First 'Woman' To Take off The Hijab and Wear Western Clothing, 13-Men Committed Suicide Because 'She' Rejected Them – Camelot Daily

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