Presidential Candidate (D) Tulsi Gabbard Fan of Domestic Terrorist Group Antifa, Posing With Fascist Activist, Attempted Black-Market Arms Dealer Evan Duke

Tulsi Gabbard is a fan of the domestic terrorist group Antifa. In the above picture, she is posing with Evan Duke, a violent fascist activist who is under investigation for the attempted black-market purchase of weapons from Mexico in order to stage an insurgency against the US Government. Gabbard described Duke as “incredible” and that she was “honored” to meet him.

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Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, 1/8/2017

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VeteransRespond—a new national service organization formed by veterans who participated in the massive deployment at Standing Rock, North Dakota in early December—is excited to announce their special presentation, Warrior’s Call: The Fight to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, a one-day-only storytelling event featuring United States military veterans who stood at Standing Rock, joined by special guest Lakota Akicita warrior and leader, Michael Mato Tanka. Come experience the story of these veterans’ personal journeys to direct action in support of the Oceti Sakowin natives’ stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in Standing Rock just a little over one month ago.

Warrior’s Call: The Fight to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline is the story of that journey. With unflinching candor and inspiring insight, Matthew Crane (US Navy), Joseph George (US Air Force), Brandee Paisano (US Navy and Pueblo-Laguna native), Mark Sanderson (US Army and Purple Heart recipient), and Neil Conway (US Navy) refract the eternal narrative of the returning warrior who battles to reconcile their actions and their hearts, driven by a deep desire to stand on the right side of history.

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Colorado Springs Independent, 12/28/2016

Darkness descends upon Standing Rock, and the first of two Arctic storms fast approaches. On a nearby hill, a silhouetted police surveillance team turns on high-wattage spotlights to watch over the thousands of tents and teepees encamped below.

Occupy Veterans encampment leader Evan Duke sits next to a campfire with a half-dozen fellow activists at the Oceti Sakowin protesters’ campsite. Some 4,000 Native Americans, veterans and environmental activists have been camping out here, many of them for months, in an attempt to bring a halt to construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The $3.78 billion project was originally intended to run along the outskirts of Bismarck, a North Dakota town with a 92 percent white population. But after community outcry over the risk of water supply contamination, a new plan was devised to run the pipeline under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe, where it would run through Native American burial grounds and pose the same safety hazard to the Sioux Indian Reservation.

A Seattle-based activist in his mid-40s, Duke was among the organizers of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York; he later brought a contingent of Bernie Sanders supporters to picket the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Pennsylvania. Now, he’s beginning work on the Washington, D.C., Occupy Inaugural action.

read more:


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