Report: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Kills Young Daughter


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By James Lyons-Weiler | World Mercury Project April 4, 2018

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Imagine you want the very best for your only child, your daughter.

You want her to thrive, finish college, start a family. You’re looking forward to seeing her become a mom and learn the things you hoped you have taught her.

You’re told that there is a simple, safe and effective vaccine that can “prevent cervical cancer.”

So, as her parent, you want to protect her from any possible harm from exposure to the HPV virus.

You are told that vaccine is safe and effective. You are told there are virtually no risks.

Together, you decide yes, this is straightforward, and why not? Who doesn’t want to protect their child from cancer?

Your lively and bright daughter is given the vaccine, and she is told she is ‘protected from HPV’.

What you don’t know, because you are not told, is:

  1. The vaccine is experimental, and she is being enrolled (without consent) in a post-marketing long-term safety trial;
  2. You don’t know that the HPV vaccine cannot protect anyone from “HPV”, because other, rarer types are circulating, and your daughter is still at risk of contracting “HPV”, just at lower risk of contracting the four types (or now, nine types) targeted by the vaccine.
  3. You also don’t know that during the clinical trials conducted on the HPV vaccine, any new serious medical conditions that were determined by the vaccine developer to not be due to the vaccine were filed into “New Medical Files”, and not included in the analysis of rates of adverse events (even though the purpose of the study was to find any new adverse events).
  4. Worst of all, what you don’t know is that the vaccine has never been demonstrated to protect against HPV-related cancer, or to reduce cancer rates. The vaccine has been shown to reduce abnormal cervical lesions (CIN) rates due to vaccine-targeted types, but it will take years to decades to determine if the rarer, non-vaccine targeted types lead to an INCREASE in cancer rates.

Your daughter has a very serious reaction: she develops an arrhythmia, a serious heart condition, and dies.

This scenario is similar to what happened to Christina Tarsell, whose mom Emily led the fight for eight years in the adversarial National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

The website “Gardasil and Unexplained Deaths” contains more specific information, and links to the rulings.

While Christina’s death finally has a semblance of justice, the fight for truth continues for the rest of American citizens struggling with the question of whether to give their children HPV vaccination.

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