Rotary International Linked To Jewish Freemasonry

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Silvanus Publishing, Inc., 11/12/2019

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Rotary International and Lions Clubs International are not promoted by their members as being Masonic in heritage, however both organizations find their beginnings in Masonry.

Freemasonry dates back to King Solomon’s murdered building contractors, who were tasked with constructing King Solomon’s Tomb; a facility that was constructed using the ‘wisdom’ of demons. Many uneducated Freemasons are led to believe that Freemasonry’s roots date back to 1598, the year Edinburgh Lodge No. 1 in Scotland made the transition from “operative” Freemasonry (actual trade of stonemasons) to “speculative” Freemasonry (occultism, Luciferianism).

Freemasonry traveled to America via England, where Freemasonry’s oldest lodge (c.962 AD) resides. Through its vague, mysterious practices, the cult of Freemasonry became popular within groups of Americans looking for an environment filled with arrested developed males and those rebelling against The Creator “God”. Freemasonry’s cult like practices permeated the vast majority of elite colleges, Universities, social and service fraternity’s e.g. police and fire departments, which formed in the late 18th century and throughout the 19th century. In the 20th century, our “nation of joiners” experienced a boom in even more fraternal organizations as businessmen, soldiers, college students, and more sought to create further opportunities for brotherhood, service, philanthropy, etc. The fraternal principles deceptively espoused by Freemasonry, other organizations found their birth e.g., The Lions Club, The Rotary Club, The Elks Club, The Loyal Order of Moose, The Oddfellows, The Eagles, The Knights of Pythias, the Optimist Club, The Grange, etc. Nearly all of these have at least their inspiration, if not even a basis in Freemasonry. In fact, Freemasons were founding members of both The Lions Club and The Rotary Club. Gustave E. Loehr, a Mason, was a charter member of the Rotary Club and its founder Paul P. Harris was a Freemason as well. Melvin Jones, the founder of the Lions Club, was also a Freemason.


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