Russian Jewish Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s London HQ Celebrates Cult That Used To Sacrifice Christians on December 25th

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Silvanus Publishing, Inc., The following is an excerpt from, ‘Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange‘ pp. 93-95

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One of the oldest Temples to Mithras is Located in England, within feet of the Rothschild controlled Bank of England and Museum, however it’s now called “Bloomberg Place” [pg.95], “… roughly the size of a Manhattan city block, it is the future European home of Michael R. Bloomberg’s company… Two bronze and stone towers, connected by sky-bridges atop the ruins of a 2,000-year-old Roman temple. In one corner of the development sits the Temple of Mithras, Walbrook, a relic from London’s days under Roman rule. First uncovered in 1954, the temple, a sacrificial altar for an ancient religion, is being restored at Mr. Bloomberg’s expense. Last month, a team of 55 archaeologists from the Museum of London were combing the temple site. Their efforts, paid for by Mr. Bloomberg, have turned up dozens of artifacts, including coins, pewter bowls, jewelry and, preserved just where it was found, a human skull.” – New York Times February 7, 2013

Michael Bloomberg’s temple is dedicated to the Babylonian sun god Shamash [pg.19] and Aion. The god Aion, also referred to as Cronus, Kronos or deus leontocephalus was represented as a lion-headed human figure, much like the Babylonian demon god Pazuzu, standing atop a sphere containing an ‘X’ which represents the Serpent Cult of Dann.

The god Aion is wrapped in the coils of a serpent further signifying the Serpent Cult. The god Aion holds a key in his hand and has a thunderbolt on his chest signifying Zeus the father of Mercury also known as Helios or Apollyon, otherwise known as “The Beast from the Pit” – Revelation 9:11.

The god Kronos was an ancient demonic deity, who is the parallel version of Moloch and the Greek equivalent of Ba’al Hammon. This was a demon that child sacrifices were made to. In 1921 an archeological dig at Carthage revealed 20,000 urns containing the cremated remains of infants and children age six. They were all sacrificed out of reverence to the demon god Kronos.

The Mithraic religion rose to prominence in the 3rd century A.D., and though its roots extend much further back, its rituals were based on the concept of a savior, sacrifice, rebirth and was very much an Anti-Christian order. The select group of Roman males who worshiped here rose through its seven levels of enlightenment by means of formidable initiation ceremonies.

“The devil, of course, to whom pertain those wiles which pervert the truth, and who, by the mystic rites of his idols, vies even with the essential portions of the sacraments of God. He, too, baptizes some—that is, his own believers and faithful followers; he promises the putting away of sins by a layer (of his own); and if my memory still serves me, Mithra there, (in the kingdom of Satan,) sets his marks on the foreheads of his soldiers; celebrates also the oblation of bread, and introduces an image of resurrection.” – Tertullian (c.160-225 AD), Prescription against Heretics, Chapter 40

Mithraic rituals were markedly pagan in nature. Services were held communally, followers sitting on benches either side of a narrow nave leading to a sacrificial altar. Slaying of bulls and Christian sacrifices were common in Mithraic rituals, as were shared meals of wine and bread, particularly on the festival of the 25th of December. Mithraic members intentionally chose December 25th because of its importance to Christians. This observance in particular acted as an affront to early Christians, and was meant to disrespect the divinity of Lord Jesus Christ. The demonic cult of Mithraism was a serious rival to Christianity and focused much of its efforts on the destruction of the New Testament. When Christianity became the dominant religion of the Roman Empire c.300 A.D., Constantine the Great focused much energy on dismantling everything Mithraic in sight. You won’t hear this on the BBC because in 2009 the BBC appointed a Muslim named ‘Aaqil Ahmed’ to head up all religious programming. If you’re a Christian you should not be contributing to the BBC’s viewership.

Michael Bloomberg’s restoration of a 3rd century amusement park of horrors and twisted obsession with Christian sacrifice should worry every Christian American. What should strike fear in the hearts and minds of every U.S. citizen is Doomberg’s 4/16/2014 announcement that he would invest $50 million into a human exploitation psychology based organization ‘Every town for Gun Safety’. His goal? To “battle for the hearts and minds of America”. This sounds eerily similar to Attorney General Eric Holder, who said the government needs to “brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” Doomberg’s ‘Every town for Gun Safety’ will do nothing more than progress the Church of Babylon’s agenda of (i) eliminating The Second Amendment, (ii) disarming of U.S. citizenry, and (iii) eliminating 90 percent (279M) of U.S. citizens. (Read more)

“The immersive temple reconstruction uses carefully directed lights, haze and sound to bring the temple’s remains to life, and to evoke the rituals and activities that took place within its cave-like walls”

Wallpaper, 12/11/2017

oster + Partners’ design for Bloomberg’s new European headquarters in London is the result of founder Michael Bloomberg working closely with Lord Norman Foster to create a progressive workplace of the future, a pioneer of sustainable design exceeding all other office blocks in its environmental credentials, and a stimulating place for its 4,000 employees to work.

The formidable office is the first Bloomberg building that has been custom designed for the business, and it is also custom designed for its London location between Bank and St Pauls where the 3.2 acre site returns a lost part of Watling street back to the public realm, encompasses three public plazas and has a restored Roman temple beneath its sizeable mass. It’s heavy, smoothly gridded facade of Derbyshire sandstone and bronze is certainly physically dominating, yet instead of attention seeking, it is mostly sturdy and reassuring.

With a focus on quality of design and materials, the new facility seeks to inspire its inhabitants through a series of architectural statements and commissioned art works throughout the building. Anchoring the main building is a bronze ramp that spirals up towards a triangulated glazed roof light in a triple helix form, called the ‘Vortex’. Spanning six floors of the office space, the three-person-wide walkway is a place for a catch-up, a stress stroll or a chance encounter with an unlikely collaborator.

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