Sacramento Kings Basketball Franchise Controlled by The Synagogue of Satan & Black Magic?

“Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind.” – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Peter Carr, 1785

“To deceive the people for the purpose of exploiting them, to enslave them and delay their progress, or prevent it, if possible, such is the crime of black magic” – Eliphas Levi, La Clef des Grands Mysteres, p. 308


By Silvanus Publishing, Inc., Excerpt From Book, DECEPTION: the ancient mystery that holds the secret of newgrange, (2014)

BasketbaalMayanNeroMany readers will recognize the Freemason Logo (fig.1) or what masons refer to as the generating principle of life. Because they do not read their own books, most Freemasons will tell you that this represents sacred geometry, when in reality, the square represents the female and the compass represents both the Babylonian god Adad, [‘the giver and destroyer of life’], as well as the male impregnating the female. Keeping in mind that Freemasons influenced the creation of Baseball and Baal means Satan, it should come as no surprise that the logo of Freemasonry matches the design of a Major League Baseball field (fig.2).

Baseball however is not the only American sport to be created by Freemasons. James Naismith is credited with the invention of basketball in 1891. Like his ‘synagogue of Satan’ (Revelation 3:9) predecessors, Naismith understood the power of Jesus Christ. He knew that he could not place a spell on Christians who ‘believeth’ (Romans 10:4) on Jesus Christ; the only way to effectively place a control spell on a Christian is if they place the spell on themselves. With that in mind, Naismith and others over time have incorporated ancient anti-Christian symbolism all throughout the game of basketball. For instance, the seams of a basketball (fig.4), form a ‘Nero Cross’ (fig.3) or ‘Broken Cross’, the symbol of the anti-Christ.

Emperor of Rome Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus despised Jesus Christ and murdered millions of Christians. The broken cross on a basketball also represents a phallic symbol [penis] and in the twisted minds of those possessed by Babylonian demon gods, Baal, etc., the act of putting a basketball into the hole of a basketball hoop signifies ‘Sex Magic’. (fig.5) is an illustration of a basketball court which in fact contains a phallic symbol penetrating a shape which represents the female genitalia. The synagogue of Satan use organized sporting events such as basketball and baseball to perform ceremonial magic. It’s much like a religious mass. A lot of people gather together to perform Ceremonial magic.

Additional warnings to Christians regarding Baal Worship are found in: Jeremiah 23:13, 1 Kings18:22, 1 Kings 18:40, 2 Kings 23:5.

What most Americans don’t realize is that Naismith’s invention basket-baal was based on the ancient Mesoamerican ball game that originated c.1400 BC. Consider the design elements of the circular stone ball court goal of the ancient Mesoamerican game (fig.6) which is identical to that of a modern basketball goal.

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Mark Friedman is a founder and President of Fulcrum real estate in Sacramento, California, and is estimated to be worth $350 million. What is unique about the Jewish Friedman family isn’t their wealth; it’s their affinity for anti-Christian symbols. For instance Mark Friedman’s ‘Fulcum’ company logo is ‘˜XX’ which means to double-cross or betray. Fundamentally speaking it indicates one’s willingness to betray on behalf of Satan. When individuals, companies, corporations, etc. feature the ‘˜XX’ on their person or in their logo they are invoking satanic energy. For instance, the members of the Rockefeller Family are fully aware of the ‘˜XX’ meaning, which is why the family of Standard Oil fame named their Corporation ‘Exxon’ then hired French-born Freemason and ‘The Father of Industrial Design’, Raymond Loewy, to design their Exxon logo. The Thule Society also featured the double-cross [XX] inside their logo. This was a German occultist group which was later reorganized by Adolf Hitler into the Nazi Party.

The Jewish Friedman family also subscribe to the synagogue of Satan’s Babylonian Talmud which states: “All gentile [Christian] children are animals – Yebamoth 98a; “Gentile [Christian] girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth. Christian women are regarded as slaves, heathen and whores – Abodah Zarah 36b and a verse all Christians should find repulsive “Jesus is in hell where he is boiling in hot urine.” – Talmud, Gittin 57a

Christians, who make up nearly 80% of the greater Sacramento area, will be surprised to learn that properties owned by the Friedman family e.g., Arden Fair Mall, West Sacramento waterfront, etc. are riddled with icons associated with ceremonial magic, a corner stone of Freemasonry, Talmudism and Kabbalah. Until their removal in October 2013, the Friedman’s Arden Fair Mall property for twenty-four years contained two large black pyramids capped with smaller detached silver pyramids.

This occult Alchemic symbol for air is one of the five elements that appear in most Pagan and Wiccan traditions, a practice which was influenced by the Golden Dawn system of magic and Satanist Aleister Crowley. These pyramids also show reverence for the Babylonian god of air ‘Enlil’. The black portion of the Friedman’s occult pyramids represented ‘We The People’, whereas the appropriately disconnected smaller silver pyramids embodied the minority elite who in their own minds believe they are above the people and the laws which govern our Nation. These two large pyramids are exact replicas of the pyramid located at the I.R.S. Headquarters, and the pyramid sitting on former C.I.A. Director/President George H.W. Bush’s lap. Both of these images are featured in my book at,, pg.11.

Further evidence of Mark Friedman’s affinity for synagogue of Satan symbolism is demonstrated in a picture featuring Mark standing next to a black stripped pyramid birdcage, a popular icon within the synagogue of Satan, signifying physical and psychological bondage over one’s subject(s). This is image is featured in my book at,, pg. 13. What’s more, in an 8/23/2013 Sacramento Business Journal and 11-20 U.C. Davis article, Mark is shown in front of a piece of Fulcrum property art containing a giant skull, Christian Church on wheels, fish and abstract Mickey Mouse ears. Individually these design elements may seem rather innocuous, however, when combined they portray something more sinister. To the synagogue of Satan the fish represents a blasphemous association between Jesus Christ and the Age of Pisces. The skull represents the death of the Age of Pisces or death of Christianity, and a church on wheels is limitless in its mockery.

Both the birdcage symbol and Mickey Mouse ears are well documented elements used by the C.I.A’s mind control program code named ‘MK-Ultra,’ a Government program whose focus is on the behavioral engineering of humans. If you would like to learn more about this program, please read my book at, Further evidence of Mark’s fascination with the occult can been seen in a 10/29/2013 presentation in which Mark shows Sacramento, CA City Council members at the Citizen Hotel several concepts of the new Sacramento Kings Arena of which Mark is a minority owner, lead in the construction and “instrumental in facilitating the buildings indoor-outdoor design” [Sactown Magazine Oct/Nov 2014] of the $448 million dollar arena. Many of these photographs featured concepts resembling symbols associated with Babylonian demon gods and goddesses including: (i) a giant ‘Eye of Ra’ and (ii) an abstract modification of the eight pointed star symbol for Ishtar, the goddess of war, also referred to as the goddess Lilith whose dark origins lie in Babylonian demonology. Lilith is said to have created prostitution and the degrading of sex. The demon was also notorious for seducing and killing young men and children.

The chosen Sacramento Kings Arena design contains truncated pyramids as well as a double triangle element which will surround the entire facility which make up the satanic six pointed star of Remphan (Satan) Acts 7:43. The first mention of this star was in c.922 BC, this is when King Solomon rebelled against God and began practicing magic, witchcraft, etc. Prior to King Solomon, the Egyptians used the star in pagan rituals, followed by the Arabs who used it for pagan ceremonies. The logo became exceedingly popular during the Middle Ages c.1066 AD by Druids, for something they called the ‘highest Sabbath of the witches’, what is now commonly referred to as Halloween. In the late 1500’s the anti-Christian, anti-Torah Talmudist patriarch of the Rothschild family, Izaak Elchanan Rothschild [born in 1577] would adopt the satanic emblem as the official family logo. The vast majority of spiritually re-mastered Americans have been brainwashed into believing that this logo represents the ‘Star of David’ or the Judaic people. The problem with this ‘Big-Lie’ is that The Holy Bible only references the ‘Shield of David’, not a satanic hexagram of Rothschild which this clearly is. This satanic emblem was imposed onto Judaic people by the Luciferian Rothschild family. The menorah is in fact the oldest sacred symbol of the so-called Jewish people, therefore shouldn’t their flag contain a menorah?

The Rothschild Family knows full well that the Star of Remphan (Acts 7:43) is associated with the Babylonian god Nimrod, who like Satan rebelled against the one true God. What should concern every U.S. citizen is that the Rothschild hexagram is comprised of two large pyramids with a total of 6 sides, 6 smaller pyramids and 6 points [666] ‘mark of the beast’ (Revelation 13:18). The American people have naively bought into the synagogue of Satan invented narrative that the murder of innocent children around the world, deception and the subjugation of the human race is the only way to bring peace to Jerusalem and to improve relations throughout the Middle East. In truth, the only way Christians, Torah following Jews and Muslims will ever experience peace is when they eliminate the satanic Rothschild and Rockefeller families and all of their proxy organizations and individuals from their lands.


Hindu businessman Vivek Ranadive is a founding member of San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum and Majority owner of the Sacramento Kings Basketball franchise. Ranadive said about his new Sacramento Kings arena and his vision for the entire NBA that it will be ‘cashless and ticketless’. Americans must be aware of the fact that a primary weapon being used by the synagogue of Satan to indoctrinate the masses into accepting ‘The Mark of the Beast’ is a cashless system, whereby a mark will be required to buy and sell goods. With Vivek Ranadive’s Hindu religion in mind, consider the front cover of Sactown Magazine Oct/Nov 2013 which features a picture of Vivek Ranadive with serpent eyes.

Vivek’s depiction in Sactown Magazine is curious considering the fact that the Hindu scripture, The Bhagavad Gita “The Song of the Lord,” describes their “Lord” as follows: 

  • “I am Kamadhuk, the cow that fulfills all desires; I am Kandarpa, the power of sex, and Vasuki, the king of snakes. I am Ananta, the cosmic serpent.” – Bhagavad Gita, 10:28-29
  • I am Yama, the god of death. I am prahlada, born among the demons. Among words, I am the syllable ‘Om‘” – Bhagavad Gita, 10:29-30

“And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods,” – (Satan), Genesis 3:4-5

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” – Revelation 12:9

Prominent men like Vivek Ranadive have met in secret for over two millennia, directing the course of civilization, this fact is recorded throughout ancient civilizations. The two oldest Luciferian proxies on record are known as the ‘Brotherhood of The Snake’ and the ‘Daca’ or ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’. These two cults still exist under many different names. The brotherhood of the snake is devoted to guarding the secrets of the ages and to the recognition of Lucifer as the one and only true god.

Israel Today Magazine, which is controlled by the Rothschild Family, features another blatant serpent all-seeing-eye on the front cover of their July 2012 edition titled ‘THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE’.

Another example of how the Serpent Cult of Dann hides in plain sight can be seen in the Adventist Community Health Centre logo. This not for profit group is under the umbrella of SDA Corp. a worldwide organization which runs a total of 775 health institutions including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and dispensaries; they also control more than 6,966 [666] schools & universities from over 200 countries from primary to college. Again what satanic elites are broadcasting here is that their ‘God’ is in fact Lucifer.

It will be remembered that Jewish businessman Mark Friedman is a minority owner of Vivek Ranadive’s Sacramento Kings. Mark Friedman is also an investor in the Major League Soccer Franchise ‘Sacramento Republic FC’ along with Buzz Oates Group of Companies Chairman Phil Oates, Pacific Coast Building Products President Dave Lucchetti, UFC Champion Urijah Faber, Sleep Train CEO Dale Carlsen, O1 Communications founder Brad Jenkins, Visionary Integration Professionals CEO Jonna and Roger Ward, Kids Care Dental founder Dr. Aaron Reeves, Sacramento Jet Center President Scott Powell, Fahn Brother Properties founder Ken Fahn and the Benvenuti Family Trust.

Mark Friedman also has close ties to the communist, Muslim Freemason U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama. This is the same President who signed into law ‘NDAA’, an unconstitutional mechanism which allows the Government to incarcerate and arrest a person indefinitely without a trial. Obama is also a proponent of George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton’s ‘Agenda 21’, a program which seeks to steal all private property away from Americans, herding its citizenry into cramped, government controlled multitenant units. In 2008, the Friedman’s hosted political fund-raisers for Barack Hussein Obama and Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson, a man who is no stranger to misdeeds. Take for instance, the 2009 controversy which erupted over President Obama’s firing of Inspector General Gerald Walprin who was investigating friend and fellow ‘service’ advocate Kevin Johnson for misusing AmeriCorps funds allocated to Hood Corps. Kevin Johnson is the founder of ‘Hood Corps’ which is associated with Corporation for National and Community Service, an umbrella organization under the Department of Homeland Security [DHS], a Government organization who is currently working to penetrate churches and other religious institutions with the intention of turning them into ‘snitch stations’. This demonstrates the seriousness of the ongoing effort to convert America into an Orwellian nightmare and 1950’s East German Ministry for State Security [Stasi] and why Americans should question anyone who is allied with these organizations.

In April 2013, it was announced that Mark Friedman would hold a ‘substantial’ position amongst a select group of investors focused on buying Mayor Kevin Johnson’s former opponents, the Sacramento Kings, whose current ownership includes Irish/African American Freemason Shaquille O’Neal, a man who is aggressively campaigning for the Communist based Common Core State Standards and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In reference to Governor Christie, Shaq says ‘he’s a great man’. Given Shaq’s association with The synagogue of Satan, it raises questions about the company Christie keeps. Shaq is also a member of Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign which Mrs. Obama alleges was created to address the obesity epidemic throughout America. The ‘technical foul’ by Obama and Shaq is that President Obama’s Administration has done everything in their power to ensure companies like Monsanto continue developing, growing and distributing toxic [GMO’s] e.g., corn, soy, wheat, sugar, etc. which are in fact the real cause for the plague of disease sweeping across America.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least to discover men like Obama and Shaquille O’Neal teaming up to ensure the continuance of an ancient agenda of Babylonian Talmudic bigotry. The fact of the matter is the synagogue of Satan has preyed upon Africans and African Americans for centuries going as far back as c.1656. This is when African, Scottish, and Irish people became pawns in the ongoing ancient agenda of Babylonian Talmudic Freemasonry to eliminate the existence of The Holy Bible and the legacy of Lord Jesus Christ. As I’ve demonstrated in previous sections, The synagogue of Satan has been behind every major religious conflict throughout world history beginning with the Crusades, and as I’ll demonstrate next, they in fact orchestrated the Global Slave Trade and American Revolution. The planning and logistics of the African Holocaust begins c.1656 A.D. in what is commonly referred to as the ‘˜Slave Triangle’.

Thirty-six years after Christian Pilgrims left England c.1620, we see that under the authority of the world’s oldest Freemason lodge in England, Babylonian

Freemasons begin buying, kidnapping, and arresting African and Scottish people from their native lands for the purpose of selling them into slavery in the American colonies. Flash forward just 143 years to 1763 and the American revolutionary era has begun. What the vast majority of Americans do not realize is that the American Revolution was not based on ‘Taxation without Representation’; in fact there were sixteen grievances which preceded Taxation. The revolutionary war was in reality a way for King George III to relinquish his financial and military responsibilities to the American colonies, while at the same time continuing to receive interest payments [gold] on what subsequent treaties and charters would define as being The King of England’s investment to establish the American colonies.

As predicated by the synagogue of Satan c.1620, the crime of slavery has led to the political and social destabilization of the American colonies and right on schedule, The synagogue of Satan in 1775 begins recruiting African Americans into Babylonian Freemasonry. African Americans will unwittingly play a pivotal role not only in the American Revolution, but the Rothschild orchestrated Civil War as well. The cruel irony of both of these wars is that the very same African slaves who were taken from their homelands by Arab slave traders and Jewish slave ship owners are now being secretly recruited to participate in the very organization that designed the ‘slave triangle’.

On March 6, 1775 the first of English Freemasonry’s unsuspecting victims is identified and admitted into what has traditionally been an exclusively white Freemason Lodge in Ireland. African American abolitionist Prince Hall, along with fourteen other free African Americans are initiated into Lodge No. 441 of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, a military lodge attached to the 38th Foot. Hall’s Irish Lodge was attached to the British forces stationed in Boston. Hall would be instrumental in the petitioning for African Americans to fight against British forces even though he himself belonged to a British Freemasonry Lodge. Not only were white Americans propagandized and deceived into fighting and dying for a prearranged revolution, so too were African Americans.

Additional Prince Hall and other Masonic lodge members include: (a) President Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro); (b) Charles Rangel, founding member of the Black Caucus; (c) Rev. Al Sharpton; (d) Rev. Jessie L. Jackson; (e) Shaquille O’Neal; (f) Scottie Pippen, NBA jersey number was 33; (g) Allen, Alex E., Chief Judge, Detroit Michigan; (h) Archer, Dennis, Mayor Detroit Michigan; (i) Logan, Benjamin H., District Judge State of Michigan; (j) Rev. Hood Nicholas, Former Detroit Councilman Pro Tem; (k) Mallett, Conrad, Jr., Chief Justice, Michigan Supreme Court; (l) Rev. Hartsfield, Wallace Vice Chair Congress of National Black Churches; (m) Rev. Jemison, T.J. President, National Baptist Convention, USA; (n) Rev. Butts, Calvin O., Abyssinian Baptist Church, New York; (o) Benjamin Hooks [former Executive Director of the NAACP]; (p) Julian Bond [former NAACP Chairman]; (q) Mfume, Kweisi, President and CEO, NAACP; (r) Andrew Young [former Mayor of Atlanta, Civil Rights Leader]; (s) John H. Johnson [founder of EBONY magazine]; (t) Thurgood Marshall [Supreme Court Justice]; (u) Leake, Joseph, Chief of Police New York; Douglass Wilder [first Black American Governor Virginia]; (v) Don King [Boxing promoter]; (w) Maynard Jackson [Atlanta Mayor].

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