Solar Panel Electricity Causes Cancer?

“Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation (radiowaves and microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries” – Defense Intelligence Agency, Classified by DIA 1976 (read more)

By Aim To Live

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This document relates only to solar panels that convert solar energy to electricity via an inverter thereby increasing microsurge (dirty electricity) to levels dangerous to human life and health.  Items such as Solahart hot water storage, coiled plastic pipes on roofs to heat swimming pools, etc, are not of concern as they only passively use the sun and do not generate electricity.

The Risks
We did not realize how seriously dangerous solar electricity could be until September 2011 when people started asking us why were they suddenly becoming sick and suffering pain shortly after installing solar electricity systems.

On testing we found GS levels (dirty electricity / microsurges) in their solar-powered homes were hugely greater than normal electric utility supply figures, indeed some of the victims’ homes were far too high for our 2000 unit capable meters to read.  Readings dropped dramatically when the sun went down, no doubt due to the solar systems’ inverters not being able to function.  We have only listed injuries specifically reported by victims approaching us so there will have to be a very large number more for other people for extra advice on damages and death please read the vast amount of information published around the world on “dirty electricity or microsurges:

  • Unpleasant feeling of “Pressure in the Head”.
  • Feeling of generally being unwell.
  • Breathing difficulty, especially through the nose, when in the house.
  • Respiratory disorders for the first time in a lifetime, including pneumonia.
  • Mood Changes – e.g. a whole-of-life placid person suddenly becomes snappy.
  • Headaches that could not be relieved by any painkiller until leaving the house or until several hours after the sun had gone down.

Microsurges prematurely kill not only appliances such as refrigerators but also people. Most people know they should have (micro) surge protection for their computers to avoid damaging or destroying sensitive electrical circuits but they don’t realise their bodies are also one huge mass of sensitive electrical and electromagnetic circuits that can be easily damaged or destroyed by generators of greater power, e.g. wireless device radiation, electrocution, etc.  Your body’s almost 300 trillion cells are like tiny microscopic batteries each having 70~90 millivolts when healthy and that when their circuitry is damaged by a stronger outside source that is when injuries such as cancer set in.    Typically, cancer cells only have 15~20 millivolts.

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