2018 Super Bowl Security by ‘G4S Secure Solutions’ Employer of Muslim Terrorists and MS-13?

“We do stuff even the CIA won’t touch” – G4S Secure Solutions

By ADN News, 1/29/2018

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What started as a whistleblower may be the makings of a larger ticking time bomb than most realize. The biggest sporting event of the year… Superbowl LII is just around the corner on February 4, 2018 and with it, a potential for mayhem. The headline from KSTP featured the story of former head of security at U.S. Bank Stadium, Don Banham, speaking out about apparent violations at the Monterrey Security operations, the location of this year’s Superbowl match up between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

Stadium Security Whistleblower: ‘I Had Moral Responsibility’ to Speak Up“There were things that came to my attention that I morally and ethically did not feel comfortable with,” he said. “I felt it was incumbent upon me to bring it to the attention of the state board who is responsible for regulating the licenses for the security in the state of Minnesota.”

An audit discovered Monterrey used “ambiguous job titles as justification to ignore state requirements” and that they “employ people with disqualifying criminal histories” and many employees “have either not passed or been submitted for a background check.”

The Superbowl has therefore had a change to their security firm leading up to the big day. And guess who was awarded the security contract? G4S Security guards. But is G4S, formerly known as Wackenhut (“we do stuff even the CIA won’t touch”) the right company to provide Super Bowl security?

We may find out soon enough. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has reported G4S, “will provide the 24/7/365 security of the building” according to Patrick Talty, the general manager of SMG, the firm that owns the stadium.

Sudden changes of security a few months before a big event are not a good sign. [2] And here are a few reasons we are concerned with G4S taking over this most important of sporting events with attendance expected to peak at stadium capacity.

There is also a common link between the Orlando shooting, San Bernardino, and Washington Naval Yard incident: #G4S. Guess who worked for G4S Secure Solutions, one of the world’s largest security firms and a government contractor for the Department of Homeland Security?

  • Jesus Campos, the secretive security guard who was on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel at the time of the Las Vegas shootings. Campos was not registered in Las Vegas as a guard but was internationally registered G4S security which is international and used by the federal government deep state for clandestine mercenary strikes.
  • Omar Mateen, the gay Muslim gunman who killed 49 people last year at Orlando Pulse nightclub
  • James Wesley Howell, who was headed to a gay pride event in California on the same day as the Orlando massacre when he was arrested by police after they found a loaded assault rifle and chemicals mixed and ready to explode in his car.
  • Kevin James Loibl, who killed Orlando singer Christine Grimme, on the Friday night before the Omar Mateen slaughter.
  • The San Bernadino shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik as well as Enrique Marquez, their close friend who purchased the two assault rifles used in the shooting
  • Alpha Mohamed Jalloh, the FBI informant and prime suspect in the murder of Seth Rich.

G4S (aka Wackenhut) – A big private company – one with a board of former CIA, FBI and Pentagon officials; one in charge of protecting Nuclear-Weapons facilities, nuclear reactors, the Alaskan oil pipeline and more than a dozen American embassies abroad; one that also runs the security for all the airports involved in 9/11, NASA, Area 51, the private prison complex, and has been tasked with the transportation and release of illegal immigrants inside the interior of the United States.

And we’re back to Hillary Clinton’s stint as S of S…”Is G4S, formerly known as Wackenhut (“we do stuff even the CIA won’t touch”) the right company to provide Super Bowl security?” I just found this article about the lack of security at the Embassy in Kabul in 2009. “Security for the Embassy is provided under a Department of State contract with ArmorGroup, North America (AGNA), which is now owned by Wackenhut Services, Inc. (Wackenhut). What do you think? [3]

NOTICE TO SUPERBOWL FANS – Crisis Acting Company “G4S” Has Been Hired For Security At The Stadium This Year – G4S/Wackenhut also specialize in crisis acting and active shooter drills and they were running a “mandatory active shooter training” in Las Vegas on the same day as the shootings. HEADS UP PEOPLE – WHAT AN AMAZING COINCIDENCE!!!

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