SWEDEN: “Race-Mixing” Multiculturalism Supporter Elin Krantz Raped and Murdered by Black Immigrant, Left To Rot Under Rocks In The Woods

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According to prosecutors, Ephrem Tadele Yohannes brought Elin Krantz down by force, spread her legs and sexually violated her while applying force to her neck. After the rape, he dragged her body over the forest ground and threw it on a pile of rocks.

Forensic examination found traces of Elin Krantz’ DNA on Ephrem Tadele Yohannes’ body, however he denied the allegation that he had raped and murdered the girl. After months of being silent, he eventually started talking and admitted to being at the scene of Elin Krantz’ abduction, but insisted that rape and killing were carried out by two other men.

Ephrem Tadele Yohannes, who’s a father of two basically attempted to make himself look like he was a good Samaritan who overheard the ruckus, came to see what was going on and saw two males sexually violating Elin. He alleges to have scared them away and attempted to save the girl’s life but she had fainted and fallen unconscious.

Multiculturalism in Sweden

The biggest irony of it all is that Elin Krantz, who fell for the propaganda of “tolerance” and diversity, was a supporter of multiculturalism in Sweden. She was supposedly a member of the Facebook group “We Like Diversity”, called herself “multicultural” and supported immigration of people from the third-world countries into Sweden.

While living in Virginia, USA, Ephrem Tadele Yohannes was sentenced to 13 months and 11 days in prison for drunk driving, hit and run and provision of false testimonies. He whined that he’s being mistreated in the USA because he’s black and was granted refugee status in multiculturalism embracing Sweden. To thank Sweden for what she’d done for him, he raped and murdered one of her natives.

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    SWEDEN: "Race-Mixing" Multiculturalism Supporter Elin Krantz Raped and Murdered by Black Immigrant, Left To Rot Under Rocks In The Woods – Camelot Daily

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