100,000 Millionaires Among Africa’s 1.3B Blacks, Nearly Half Within White European Created Rhodesia (South Africa), 35k Millionaires Among United States’ 42M Blacks
African Countries With The Highest Number Of Millionaires (read more) Dennis Kimbro, 10/15/2013 Today there are 35,000 Black Millionaires in the U.S. Let me be…
Billionaire Black Entertainment Founder Demands “Wealth Transfer” White Americans Should Pay $14 Trillion In Reparations For Muslim and Jewish Orchestrated African Slave Trade
NOTE: White European Christians abolished slavery in the west. Pagan/Muslim Arabs created the global slave system, kidnapping, enslaving and killing 150 MILLION black Africans. Juxtapose…
Bolshevik Controlled U.S. Government’s $738 Billion “Defense Policy Bill” Legalizing 4,000 Liberians, The Offspring of Low IQ Degenerate Drug Dealers, Rapists, Murderers and Cannibalistic Muslims
Vox, 12/27/2019 Liberians who have lived in the US with temporary legal status for decades now have a path to citizenship — under a provision…