Christian Genocidedacason

CIA Counterterrorism Chief Linked to Communist Muslim CIA Director John Brennan Suggests Hanging Trump and Going to War Against, “Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, Christian National Chauvinists, White supremacists and QAnon Fantasists”
“I’ve never seen anyone from that perch exert the kind of influence and even, to a certain extent, direct control,” he said, citing the targeted-killing…
WARNING! Jewish Director of U.S. National Institute of Health Is The Great-Granddaughter Of Jewish Russian Bolshevik Communist Revolutionary Leon Trotsky Who Massacred 66-Million Christian Russians
Bolshevik Deep State Created Coronavirus Severing 94% of U.S. Imports, Threatening Gas, Agriculture, Power & Defense, To Usher In Liberty Crushing Force of Economic Collapse,…