Trump’s New Jewish National Security Advisor Charles Kupperman Manifesting 1964 Predictive Programming Film “Dr. Strangelove” Stating, “U.S. Could Win a Nuclear War At The Expense of a Mere 20 Million Deaths”
“Artificial Intelligence is giving us [Jews] powers and prowess we’ve never had before. Cyber is a real domain of power” – Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu,…
Fmr U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (Kohn) “The Secrets Out,” Energy Beams Out of Antarctica Control Hurricaness
Russian Jewish Secretary of Defense William Cohen Admitted 19-Years Ago Gov’t Electromagnetic Wave Weather Weapons Conjuring Tornado’s, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions (read more) “Artificial Intelligence is…
Two Parkland School Shooting Survivors (FL) and Father of Sandy Hook (CT) School Shooting Commit Suicide Within Days of Each Other
Parkland Shooting Survivor Sydney Aiello Commits Suicide 3/17/2019, Resulting From ‘Survivor’s Guilt,’ PTSD (read more) Parkland Students, Alumni and Community Grieve After Second Stoneman Douglas…