Bernie “The Bum” Sanders Earned His First Steady Paycheck Age 40 Writing About His Rape and Masturbation Fantasies, Then Wormed His Way Into Politics
The Union Journal, 12/27/2019 As Socialist Bernie Sanders continues to rise within the Democrat Social gathering Main presidential polls right here is an efficient reminder…
Russian Jewish Anti-Gun, Pro-Christian Genocide, Socialist Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Enters 2020 Presidential Race To “Defeat Trump and Rebuild America”
Russian Jewish Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s London HQ Celebrates Cult That Used To Sacrifice Christians on December 25th (read more) Jewish President Eisenhower Created DARPA Which…
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Schizophrenic Facebook’s Lust For Users’ Bank Records Triggers Fears of Communist China Social Credit System In U.S.
“Jewish President Eisenhower Creates DARPA Which Creates Social Media Weapon ‘LifeLog’ Which Becomes Facebook” (read more) “Stalin’s Jews: Mustn’t forget, The Greatest Murderers Of Modern…