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Untold History: The Origins of Black Skin and Hatred of White Skin

“…the apostle [Muhammad] said, “Whoever wants to see Satan let him take a look at Nabtal b. al-Harith!” He was a sturdy black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks.” – The Life of Muhammad, pg. 243

“Loving v. Virginia: 15-Years After Rabbi’s 1952 Declaration ‘Forbid Whites To Mate With Whites’” (read more)

By Silvanus Publishing, Inc., 7/3/2018

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For hundreds of years, the seed of the devil (Genesis 3:15) e.g., synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9) and its proxies have brainwashed the world into believing that the default skin color of humanity is black. Militant, pro-white genocide academia have deceived millions of students around the world into believing the myth that black skin was the product of climate based evolution, however, the origins of black skin may be found in the blood.

Liberal Hollywood’s predictive programming films, music, and literature have brainwashed the masses into believing the so-called white man – who The Holy Bible refers to as Japheth, eldest son of Noah (Genesis 9:27) – is wicked and the fount throughout which all manner of evil flows. In reality, Japheth’s offspring are the only group who for thousands of years have believed on Jesus Christ [God] and maintained His original image. For their belief in Him (John 3:16), the offspring  of Japheth have been blessed with a rich culture whose central strengths have been their faith in The Creator, marriage between one man and one woman, family, morality, honor, and patriotism. Over the past sixty-years, however, the synagogue of Satan has encouraged the Japtheth blood through Hollywood film, professional sports, etc. to embrace divorce, immorality, dishonor, communism, satanism, and white genocide. 

We [synagogue of Satan, Revelation 2:9) have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim [Christians] by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is that they have been inculcated [programmed through repetition]. We Shall Destroy God. It is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the mind of the Goyim [Christians] the very principle of god-head and the spirit, and to put in its place material needs. You may say that the GOYIM [Christians] will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a maneuver of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail – the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives.” – Jewish Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol No.9, ‘CHRISTIAN YOUTH DESTROYED’ Section 10, 13; Protocol No.4, Section 3, pg. 332

The biblical white man known as Noah (Hebrews 11:7, Genesis 6:8, Genesis 7:2, 1 Peter 3:18-22, Genesis 9:20-27, Genesis 6:22) had a single white wife possibly named ‘Naamah’. Noah didn’t have a white, brown, and black wife in order to produce all of the different skin colors we see around the world today. If Noah had one white wife, how was black skin produced? The answer may be found in Genesis 9:4 which reads:

“But flesh with the life thereof, [which is] the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.”

God warns the human race not to consume blood. However in Genesis 9:24-27 we read that Noah’s son Ham and father Canaan and the future dark continent of Africa [Hamites] ignored God’s warning and consumed blood. 

“Noah knew what his younger son [Ham] had done unto him. Cursed be Canaan [Blacks]; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. God shall enlarge Japheth [Whites].”

Many ‘biblical scholars’ have presented the argument that Ham had sodomized his father [Noah] and for this reason was cursed. Given the fact that AIDS plagues the dark continent of Africa and sodomy, the worship of the butt/anus is common throughout African and black American culture, this is a logical theory. However, sodomy would not explain the physical transformation of Ham’s offspring from white to black. The more logical explanation is that Ham defied God and consumed Noah’s blood, becoming the world’s original vampire. Not only would this explain the physical transformation from white to black skin, it explains the ancient traditions found throughout Africa, South America, etc. For example, Africa’s most ancient religion is Voodoo otherwise known as Satanism. When Muslims created industrial level slavery and Jewish slave ship owners transported those slaves throughout the world, Voodoo was transported with them. A common practice within Voodoo is cannibalism, consumption of blood and the worship of the devil (Canaan+Baal=Cannibaalism) and his principal demons. The documentary ‘The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia” vividly illustrates Africa’s tradition of cannibalism and vampirism.

The traditions of Ham’s vampiric offspring is on full display throughout white European countries as black Africans invade Japheth’s ancient homeland of Europe. The following are just a few articles describing Ham’s offspring’s global terrorism and bloodlust:

  • Kenya Africa’s Secret Society “The Mau Mau’s” 1952-1964 Brutal Genocide of White Europeans (read more)
  • GERMANY: Black Muslim Invader Kills White Woman, Decapitates 1-Year-Old Baby (read more)
  • ‘Vampire’ killer is caught after he is seen drinking the blood of a woman whose throat he slit in Zimbabwe (read more)
  • “Her name was Elin Krantz – She loved immigrants and multiculturalism. She Was Raped To Death By a Black African, Then Buried Under Rocks. (read more)
  • ”83% of Rapes In Denmark Are Committed By Muslim Invaders (read more)
  • SWEDEN: Black African Migrants Responsible For Explosion In HIV Cases (300%) (read more)
  • “CLEVELAND: Black Muslim Terrorist Planned To Blow Up Children At 4th of July Event” (read more)
  • Black men shoot a pregnant white woman FIVE times. From Savannah (read more)
  • “SWEDEN: Black Muslim Invader Rapes 92-Year-Old Woman On Christmas Eve” (read more)
  • Black Mother Kills Four Daughters, Lives With Mummified Bodies For Months (read more)
  • ARIZONA: Black Serial Killer Who Shot 9 In 3 Weeks Is An ‘Aspiring Music Star’ (read more)
  • FLORIDA: Black Men Gang Rape Teenager On Beach. Sheriff Says Was Like “Wild Animals Preying On A Carcass Laying In The Woods.” (read more)
  • MASSACHUSETTS: Illegal Black African Uber Driver Rapes White Female Passenger, Flees To Native Ghana (read more)
  • Black TSA Employee Arrested For Soliciting Children For Sex (read more)
  • Six Black Males Gang-Rape 13-Year-Old Girl, ‘Might Never Be Able To Have Children’ (read more)
  • FLORIDA: Black 17-Year-Old, Robs, Shoots, Kills White Man At ATM (read more)
  • TEXAS: Black African Illegally In U.S., Murders 81-Year-Old Woman, Suspect In 750 Elderly Female Deaths (read more)
  • FLORIDA: Black Woman Murders Her Mother, Places Eyes In Cardboard Box (read more)
  • TENNESSEE: Five Black Demons Kidnap, Rape, Torture, Kill, Set on Fire White University Student Channon Christian (21) and her White Boyfriend Christopher Newsom (23) (read more)
  • MISSOURI: Black Serial Killer Fredrick Demon(d) Scott, Threatened to, ‘Kill All White People’ Murders 6 White People In Occult Ritual (read more)
  • MICHIGAN: Black Student James Eric Davis, Shoots and Kills His Parents In College Dorm (read more)
  • White Feminist Travels To Haiti To “Disprove Black Men Are Savages,” Is Brutally Raped by a Black Man, During Her Anti-White Male Rant (read more)
  • Two Black Thugs Daquan Tolefree (20) and Triston Withers (19) Murder White 18-Year-Old Jack Price (read more)
  • MISSOURI: 26-Year-Old Black Thug Murders Man, Shooting Him 14 Times (read more)

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The transformation of Ham’s offspring from white to black was a process that took thousands of years. However, as is the case with the evolutionary scheme of things, literally every aspect of the religion of evolutionism is the opposite of what The Holy Bible teaches.

There will be many who scoff at the idea that Japheth’s offspring are able to turn colors based on what they consume. Consider the following: Individuals who consume carrot juice on a regular basis will develop orange skin, people who consume colloidal silver on a regular basis will produce blue skin, and people who consume dark red blood for thousands of years, will develop dark/black skin.

The Holy Bible tells us that “God created man in his own image.” – Genesis 1:27. If God created man in his own image, then what color was God? Jesus Christ is God, and Revelation 1:14 tells us:

“His [Jesus Christ’s] head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow”.

If God [Jesus Christ] is ‘white as snow’ and man was originally created in God’s image, then Noah and his sons were originally white. Given the fact that every culture around the world existed with the same environment challenges as Africans e.g., hot weather, sunlight, etc. and they didn’t turn black, what other explanation is there?

Because of Ham’s vampirism, God [Jesus Christ] placed Ham’s offspring on the continent of Africa and commanded Japheth and Shem’s offspring to remain separated from the offspring of Ham. God commanded that only the bloodlines of Japheth (whites) and Shem (Hebrews) interbred, God specifically leaves Ham (blacks) out of the tents (beds) of Japheth and Shem. Furthermore, God decrees that Ham’s offspring will be servants to both Japheth and Shem’s offspring. Using historical evidence as our guide, Hamites (blacks) have in fact served as servants to all other nations and in over 3,000 years have never developed a major enduring city. Genesis 9:27 reads:

“God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.”

I find it interesting that Christians around the world, who are ‘awake’, see the blatant incorporation of Satanism throughout Hollywood, etc. but fail to see that the synagogue of Satan has for generations been pushing interracial breeding specifically onto the Japheth bloodline. In my article, “Loving v. Virginia: 15-Years After Rabbi’s 1952 Declaration ‘Forbid Whites To Mate With Whites” I explain the history of this unconscious, predictive programming.

In Acts 17:26 we read that God, “hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation”. Mixing of the races was tried once in Babylon and God put a stop to it. The New World Order, led by ‘the synagogue of Satan’  (Revelation 2:9) are attempting to create Babylon once again, flooding Japeth’s ancient land of Europe with Hamites [blacks] and Ishmaelites [Middle Easterners/Muslims] in order to destroy the purity of God’s creation. To learn how you can help disrupt and stop this agenda, please read/share


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